what Harry Potter character are you?

There are a whole lot of characters in the Harry Potter books. Many people who haven't read the books twelve times are constantly forgetting about what happens.

If you take this quiz, maybe it will inspire you to read the books a few times more, or you will just be inspired to learn about the character that your personality is most similar to, so you can pretend you actually know something. Anyway, take this quiz!

Created by: Robert
  1. In a group, what member are you?
  2. How many friends do you have?
  3. What would your friends say is your best quality – or you if you don't have any?
  4. Do you have a best friend who is always completing sentences for you?
  5. Do you like sports?
  6. Are you scheming?
  7. What is your goal in life?
  8. Do you think you are misunderstood?
  9. Which is more important to you, family or friends?
  10. How important to you is family honor?
  11. What, do you think, are the most important traits a person can have?

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Quiz topic: What Harry Potter character am I?