which good or bad harry potter character are you?

There are few people that have the same personallity as these characters in the Harry Potter novels. But if you are one of them..... OMG!!!!!@@@@@@@ (i'm no typing this os I dont have enough characters lol)

Which Harry Potter character are you? Are you the grusome Fenrir Greyback? The Genius. Albus Dumbledore? The Brave and loyal Harry Potter. The person that only knows death... Voldemort! Or are you the hotty Ginny Weasley!

Created by: woonil Wislab
  1. If someone at hogwarts called you something offensive what would you do?
  2. What would your favourite past time be if you had no homework or had a spare period?
  3. What is your patronus?
  4. What is your favourite subject?
  5. What do you see in yourself?
  6. Whats your main ambition in life?
  7. What Hogwarts house is your favourite?
  8. What would your pet be at Hogwarts?
  9. Did you like this quiz?
  10. Do you like pie?

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Quiz topic: Which good or bad harry potter character am I?