Harry Potter Fan Trivia

Do you think you know Harry Potter? There are a lot of muggle fans out there, but not many that are as knowledgable about wizards. A true Harry Potter fan will be able to answer these questions, no problem.

So do YOU have what it takes to complete this Harry Potter challenge? If this answer is easy, then so will our questions be. So, Good luck, your going to need your Felix today!

Created by: herm-oh-ninny

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  1. When is Fred and George's birthday?
  2. What 3 things does Hermione smell in Slughorn's first potions class?
  3. Which are the four Hogwarts mascots?
  4. What are two things Harry uses to destroy Voldemort's horcruxes?
  5. What is the curse Harry used on Peeve's in the 6th book that came out of the Half Blood Prince's book?
  6. What is the magical creature that only Harry and Luna can see?
  7. What are the Deathly Hallows?
  8. What story is the Deathly Hallows based on?
  9. What are Ron, Harry and Hermione's patronus?
  10. What page of Deathly Hallows does Ron and Hermione kiss?
  11. On what page do Harry and Ginny share their first kiss?
  12. Which 3 people attacked the auror Dawlish?

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