The Harry Potter Quiz!

Come test your knowledge on the greatest book alive! WARNING: seriously nerdy. Not for anyone who hasn't read all 6 books. See how well you know Harry Potter in this quiz of pointless details.

Be brave and take the test! See how much of a Harry Potter fanatic you are! See if YOU can pass your O.W.L.s and join the rank of Harry Potter Nerds! (JUST LIKE ME)

Created by: Isabel
  1. What does Malfoy do?
  2. How many siblings does Ron have?
  3. Ron's boggart eventually turns in to...
  4. Harry comes face to face with the Dark Lord...
  5. How many times does Harry fall in love?
  6. What one of these is true...
  7. What one of these is true...
  8. What is true?
  9. How many of the following things has Hermione done? Confounded a quidditch player. Learnt the basics of the Mermish language. Punched Malfoy. Sworn at Snape. Combed Hagrid's hair.
  10. What one of these creatures does Harry see?
  11. What is not used for a way of communicating between people in the book?
  12. What does Ron NOT do?

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