Do you REALLY pay attention to Harry Potter?

You've probably watched the movies many times, and read the books till your eyes bled. Harry Potter rocks, and you know it. But do you REALLY know it? Do you know? DO YOU?!

DO YOU KNOW HARRY POTTER? Do you know it like the back of your hand? This quiz will show you if you really do. Only a few questions, hard ones at that. Are you a Harry Potter fanatic? Or a Harry Potter loser?

Created by: Emily
  1. From the 1st book/movie: What muggle candy was Dumbledore fond of?
  2. From the 2nd book/movie: What sort of powers did Fawkes, Dumbledore's phoenix, have?
  3. From the 3rd book/movie: Who was suppose to execute Buckbeak?
  4. From the 4th book/movie: What did Krum try to transfigurate himself into for the 2nd task?
  5. From the 2nd book/movie: Whose sword did Harry use to kill the basilisk?
  6. From the 1st book/movie: What did Harry catch that got him on the Quidditch team?
  7. In the 4th book/movie: Who did Ron ask to the ball, and was obviously turned down?
  8. From the 3rd book/movie: What did Harry see on the other side of the lake that scared the dementors away?
  9. From the 2nd book/movie: What did Tom Riddle's name also spell?
  10. In the 4th book/movie: What spell did Harry use against Voldemort to save his life?

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Quiz topic: Do I REALLY pay attention to Harry Potter?