Do you know the Harry Potter series?

There are Harry Potter genius's around the world that know their Harry Potter knowledge to an exceptionally brilliant standard. They are able to enhance their intelligence to answers complex magical questions. The question is, are YOU one of these people?

Are you a Harry Potter GENIUS!? Do you think you know Harry Potter trivia as well as you think you do? Well take this extraordinary test to test your Harry Potter series intelligence.

Created by: Jasmine
  1. What did Ginny name her pygmy puff?
  2. What is Lupin's sons full name?
  3. What kind of sandwich does Ronald Weasley dislike?
  4. What does Dumbledore tell Harry he sees in the mirror of erised?
  5. Which forms do Hermione, Ron, Luna, Ernie and Seamus's patronuses take?
  6. What did Hagrid use to slick back his hair before meeting Madame Maxine?
  7. What kind of creature is Aragog?
  8. What kind of wand does Harry Potter own?
  9. What command does Harry use to open the one eyed witches hump?
  10. How did Hagrid's Floberworms die?
  11. What is Ronald Weasley's Middle name?
  12. Who does the giant chess board belong to?
  13. What is the last word in the 7th Harry Potter book?
  14. What is the name of Dudley's School?

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Quiz topic: Do I know the Harry Potter series?