Do You Know Harry Potter?

There are several Harry Potter extreme fans, but few really know Harry Potter. Experts are, afterall, exceptional in what they do. What is a harry potter gooroo? Find out!

are YOU the #1 Harry Potter fan or expert!? Do you have the brainpower to qualify for this honorable title? Don't just sit there and wonder! In a few minutes, you'll find out after beginning the quiz!

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  1. What is the Headmistress's full name in the fifth book?
  2. How many Horcruxes is Voldemort split into?
  3. Who was the prophecy in the 5th book questioned towards?
  4. Who is the Herbology teacher?
  5. Who's wands have a twin core?
  6. When did the 7th book officialy come out in bookstores?
  7. How does Sirius Black die?
  8. What is Voldemort's snake's name?
  9. What werewolf was Remus Lupin bitten from as a child?
  10. What horcrux did Dumbledore attempt to kill in the end of the sixth book?
  11. Who are Harry Potter's best friends?
  12. Who's death did Harry witness in the end of the 4th book?
  13. What is the relationship of Sirius to Harry?
  14. Who is Harry's girlfriend throughout most of the 6th book?
  15. What is Ron's biggest fear?
  16. What color is Draco Malfoy's hair?
  17. Who does Hermione punch in the face in the 3rd book?
  18. What is the title of the 7th book?

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