How much do hate Harry Potter?

many people love harry potter! i used to myself until i opened my eyes to the reality that harry is a dork! you must realize that harry is a despicable person inside and out, and how he hypmotises innocent people with his charm and "good looks".

So, are YOU a Harry Potter nerd or hater? i put this quiz here so that people would know who the real harry potter is, and realize how THEY can find out to put their reliances in, and overcome their stupid obsession! Enjoy, and good luck, and gain wisdom!

Created by: Natalie
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  1. how many harry potter books have you read?
  2. what characteristics would you use to describe harry potter?
  3. do you sleep with a picture of somebody from harry potter under your pillow?
  4. what is the actor of harry potter named in real life?
  5. is harry spoiled?
  6. does harry potter haunt your dreams?
  7. would you like to go to go to hogwarts?
  8. were you unhappy when you learned that harry married ginny?
  9. Do u think harry potter is cute?
  10. are the harry potter books your favorite?

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