Harry Potter Fanatics

welcome. this is a text created to challange those harry potter fanatics to see whose really a harry potter fan. and who's just playing. good luck every one.

do YOU think you can do it? you think you can pass my quiz and become a harry potter fanatic genus? prove it! good luck to everyone who feels that they can pass MY quiz.

Created by: Marquita

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  1. What is the name of the first Harry Potter volume?
  2. who are harry potters closest friends?
  3. what is voldemorts REAL name?
  4. moaning myrtle is a ...?
  5. who is the half blood prince?
  6. what charm does professor lockhart use to try to escape the chamber of secrets?
  7. how old was harry potter when he first started hogwarts?
  8. wizards always remind Harry that he looks like is father, but he gets his (blank) from his mother.
  9. what did voldemort hide to keep himself alive?
  10. the dursleys think of themselves as...?
  11. who died during the triwizard tournament
  12. who died during the triwizard tournament
  13. who is the weasley's oldest son?
  14. did dombledor truly die?
  15. did harry potter survive in the end?
  16. who wrote the harry potter series
  17. where does this author live?

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