Harry Potter Astronomy Quiz

Try Your Hand at This Simple Quiz About Harry Potter and Astronomy at Hogwarts. You never know what you'll get as results in this little quiz. It will decide your destination.

Are you a true fan of the Harry Potter books and Harry Potter movies? Do you belong at Hogwarts or are you a muggle? take this little quiz to find out!

Created by: Sandi
  1. From Sorcerer's Stone, when is Astronomy class at Hogwarts?
  2. From Sorcerer's Stone, what did they have to learn in Astronomy class?
  3. In Chamber of Secrets, which petrified student does Professor Flitwick and Professor Sinistra of the Astronomy Department take to the hospital wing?
  4. In Chamber of Secrets, Harry's Astronomy theory exam went well enough, but in the evening Harry during the practical exam, who does he observe Fudge's Aurors trying to capture?
  5. In Goblet of Fire, Professor Trelawney says Harry was born under the baleful influence of what planet?
  6. In Goblet of Fire, working with divination charts, Harry come up with two of what planet?
  7. In Goblet of Fire, in divination class Lavender Brown finds an unaspected planet. Which one?
  8. In Goblet of Fire, when the Weird Sisters begin performing at the ball, who dances with Professor Sinistra of the Astronomy Department?
  9. In Order of the Phoenix, Harry and Ron are working on a long and difficult essay about what?
  10. Which of Jupiter's Moons did Harry believe to be inhabited by mice?

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