Are You A Harry Potter Geek?

Harry Potter is the amazing novel that was first tossed into a corner with it's creative cover as a children's book. But now look at it! An amazing story, read by children and adults alike.

Have you read the books? Have you taken in any details? Do you know a lot about it? Did you cick on to here to see if you are a Harry Potter fanatic? Do YOU have what it takes to be a Harry Potter nerd?

Created by: Lena
  1. In the very first book, how man potions are there before the Mirror of Erised?
  2. Who is it that left the fake locket where Voldemort thought the real one safe?
  3. The spell "Lumos" comes from which Latin word, meaning "light"?
  4. According to Hermione Granger, what could Harry be?
  5. What type of blood is Harry?
  6. What is Sirius's cousin (mother of Tonks)'s name?
  7. What is the name of Sirius's uncle, who leant him money after he ran away from home to live with James Potter?
  8. According to Jo, how many main characters are going to be killed in Deathly Hallows?
  9. Moaning Myrtle was killed on the orders of whom?
  10. How many points to Harry, Ron and Hermione get in total for defeating the troll in Philosopher's Stone?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Harry Potter Geek?