How much of a Harry Potter geek are you?

The world of Harry Potter is so complex. There are so many things thrown out there that seem random. So many details, so many facts. 7 books, thousands of pages. Millions of sentences, billions of words. you remember them? Do YOU know them? Until now you might have considered yourself the Harry Potter guru. How many will you get? Find out now. Find out if you are the ULTIMATE HARRY POTTER GEEK!

Created by: danny
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  1. Which spell seals a door, making an odd squelching noise? (Hint: It's used in the climax of Order of the Phoenix)
  2. What is a bundimun? (Hint: This is found in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)
  3. What book did Quintus Umfraville write?
  4. Which ingredient is NOT in Draught of Living Death?
  5. Dawlish's first name is...
  6. Who was sure she saw the Weasley's flying car?
  7. What are the order. 1. Muggle News Reporter in OOTP 2. Weatherperson Vernon Dursley was watching on Nov 1, 1981 3. The Mad Muggle in Ron's comic book 4. TV Character Dudley liked to watch on Monday Nights
  8. In order, who is in what house? 1. Daphne Greengrass 2. Megan Jones 3. Euan Abercrombie 4. Roger Davies
  9. What does Animagi Aesalon Falco turn into?
  10. What quidditch team was Hamish MacFarlan captain of?

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Quiz topic: How much of a Harry Potter geek am I?