How Obsessed With Harry Potter Are You??

Thousands of people all over the world read and watch the Harry Potter series... Its a world-wide phenomenon that many people have grown to love. A world of magic and and mystery what's not to love? Harry Potter has taken the world by storm and captured readers hearts...

... But has it captured YOURS? Can you proudly state that you are obsessed with Harry Potter... And if you say you are, are you really?? Take this quiz to find out if you are truly obsessed with Harry Potter...

Created by: mwpphp
  1. Do you own all the Harry Potter books?
  2. Do you own all the Harry Potter DVD's/Movies?
  3. Do you own multiple copies of the Harry Potter books?
  4. Do you own multiple copies of the movies?
  5. How many times have you read the Harry Potter books??
  6. How many times have you seen the movies?
  7. Do you often make Harry Potter references?
  8. Do your friends know that you love Harry Potter??
  9. Who are the Marauders?
  10. What and Where can you find a beozar??
  11. What main character dies in the 5th book??
  12. What main Character died in the 6th book?
  13. Do you read Harry Potter fanfiction??
  14. Do you listen to Wizarding bands?? Ex:The whomping willows?
  15. Do you write Harry Potter Fanfiction?
  16. Do often check on the updates on Mugglenet??
  17. Do you enjoy looking [have you ever looked at] Harry Potter fanart.
  18. Do you freakout when you hear a Harry Potter reference? [name, a place, etc from the HP world.]
  19. Can you spot a Harry Potter book in a vision radius?? And if you can do you often freak out?
  20. Do you have Harry Potter icons on your socials, Facebook, livejournal etc.
  21. Did you go to a midnight premiere of the movies??
  22. Did you get any of the books at midnight??
  23. Do you own any Harry Potter merchandise [clothes, wands, etc...]
  24. Have you eaten' any Harry Potter candy??
  25. Did you take this quiz??

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Quiz topic: How Obsessed With Harry Potter am I??