How much do you know about Harry Potter?

Harry Potter is known over the entire world! Except for some poor guys in the U-countries, there is probably no one that haven't heard about the Harry Potter books! Of course, not everyone can like it, but I'd say the believers have majority!

How big of a fan are YOU? This is not a complete test with everything that is to know about or anything, it's just a couple of questions I looked up the answers of... nothing serious! But please try it?

Created by: Naszfluckah
  1. What is Harry's parents names?
  2. Who is Harry's best friend, guy that is?
  3. What is the Dark Lord's real name?
  4. Now here comes harder questions, which I can't answer at first either!
  5. What is Harry Potter's wand made out of? Wood and core?
  6. What is Ron's brother George's full name?
  7. What is Professor Dumbledores fourth name?
  8. What is Harry's vault number at the Gringotts Bank?
  9. What is the new names Hermione gives her parents for protection?
  10. Who is Phyllida Spore?
  11. What has Willy Widdershins done?
  12. What is Harry's birth date?

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