Harry Potter and the Fan Quiz

There are many people out there who claim to be a Harry Potter fan but are they. you can try this quiz and come back to reality when you see if you are not a real Harry potter fan or you can never come back to reality with this quiz being a Harry Potter nerd.

Are you a Fan of Harry Potter? Do you think you can answer any question about it when they come your way well hopefully you can when you take this quiz.

Created by: Ashley
  1. What is Harry's wand made of?
  2. What is the first word Dumbledore says before the feast?
  3. Chapter Twelve the mirror of "what?"
  4. What kind of car dose Ron's dad have?
  5. Who was helping Voldemort petrify muggle-borns?
  6. How did Harry call Fawkes down to aid him?
  7. Why has Sirius Black escaped fron Azkaban?
  8. what is Harry reading under his covers?
  9. what is the spell to fight off Dementors?
  10. Who dose Harry write to when his scar hurts?
  11. How many Tri wizard tasks are there
  12. Who helps Voldemort regain his Body personly
  13. How many people write to Harry when he and his cousin are attacked by 2 dementors?
  14. Who was arrested for robbing the Ministry?
  15. What are Harry's intentions of going to the Ministry of Magic?
  16. What time did Dumbledore come to get Harry
  17. What color is Felix Felicis?
  18. who had made Harry angry when he went to see Dumbledore after getting a note from him?
  19. When is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows coming out?
  20. When is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie coming out?

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