Harry Potter Easy Quiz

This quiz is about the Harry Potter. If you are the fan of Harry Potter. You must try it. There are many easy quesstions to test your knowledge of Harry Potter. There are variety of aspects of the questions, for example, the summary of story, the characters of the story and even the plot of story will appear.

Do you think you are a master of Harry Potter? Or, have you ever seen Harry Potter several times? Do you be confident of getting high score of the quiz? Let's see how you know about Harry Potter.

Created by: Emily
  1. Who is the author?
  2. Why Harry potter's magic wand was broken?
  3. How many volumes do the "Harry Potter"have published?
  4. Who is the actor that plays"Harry Potter"in the movie?
  5. What is Harry be in the "Quidditch"?
  6. Image that you are a student of Hogwarts, Waht will you learn for edit someone's memory?
  7. What college is Harry take part?
  8. How many children do Harry have?
  9. Who is Harry's wife?
  10. In which platform at a railway station can we enter the Hogwarts?

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