Are you a harry potter fan?

There are a lot of people that say they are a Harry Potter. Do you know who Harry Potter is???? He is "The boy who lived". Yes the boy who lived his life not knowing who he truly was until a letter came through the mailbox and threatened the Dursleys life. He is The one that ultimatley defeated Lord Voldemort the darkest wizard in the Magical World.

Are You a Harry Potter fan? Do you truthfully know ALL about harry potter? No one does but here you will know if you are one by just answering 10 questions about him? So come and take this quiz and you will know if you are a fan or if you are just one that likes harry potter " THE BOY WHO LIVED"!!!!

Created by: Jovan Engel
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  1. Who's parents did Bellatrix Lestrange kill?
  2. What did Fred and George Weasly use to listen to the order of the pheonix's conversation?
  3. Who is the Half Blood Prince?
  4. What position does Ron play in on the Quidditch team?
  5. Who kills Dumbledore in the Half Blood Prince?
  6. Who is the quidditch captain in the Sorcerer's Stone?
  7. How does Professor Quirwel die?
  8. Who are the main people that fight the Death Eaters in the order of the pheonix?
  9. Who kills Cedric Diggory?
  10. How many pets did Hagrid have during the series?

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Quiz topic: Am I a harry potter fan?