Are you a Harry Potter genius

Harry Potter is very popualar. And only few know everything about it. Some barely know the basics. This quiz is all aboiut the Harry Potter basics. So, you might want to go study for a sec before you take this quiz, to refresh your memory.

Are you a Harry Potter basic genius? Can you beat me....probably not....but you may never know. Try this quiz out and we will see. Can you get 100%? I hope. that would be cool.

Created by: Samantha
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  1. What is the name of the fith book?
  2. What year did the Goblet of Fire come out in?...(the movie)
  3. Who plays Harry Potter?
  4. How many chapters are in the American version of the first Harry Potter book?
  5. What book is the longest?
  6. In the Goblet of Fire, who where the four Champions?
  7. In the Chamber of Secrets, (the movie)where was Harry at when he first heard the 'voice'?
  8. What day where Harry's parents killed?
  9. How many Horcruxs does Dumbledore think there are?
  10. Harry Potter is just awesome.....

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Quiz topic: Am I a Harry Potter genius