The Great Harry Potter Quiz

Ok, this is the GREAT HARRY POTTER QUIZ!, which is a quiz all about... Guess what... Harry Potter. After trying so hard to make a HPquiz I finally found this website and now I'm happy.

So, I guess the real question now is... Are YOU a Harry Potter Genius and reach my top set golden level. If you can, ill blow kisses and hug you and buy you lots of expensive presents, just to know that someone out there is a bigger HP fan then me! Now, please proceed to the main quiz and have fun!

Created by: Emily Malfoy
  1. What shape is the scar on Harry's forehead?
  2. What is Fleur Delacours little sister called?
  3. What international Quidditch Team does Victor Krum play for?
  4. Who was Harry's first enemy?
  5. Which Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher was one of Professor Snapes worst enemies while still at school?
  6. Who's parents were tortured to insanity?
  7. You can only see Threstals when you've...
  8. Who betrayed Harry's parents -James and Lily Potter- to Lord Voldemort?
  9. Harry's middle name is...
  10. Where did Harry first meet Draco Malfoy?
  11. What did Neville Longbottom receive from his Grandmother in his first year? (clue-Malfoy threatened to leave it up a tree for him to collect-)
  12. In how many books does Dobby appear in?
  13. Cedric Diggory is in...
  14. Who is an unregistered Animagus who can turn into a black beetle?
  15. Bellatrix Lestrange first appeared in what book?
  16. J. K. Rowling reveals to Mugglenet that Albus Dumbledore was ________ all along.
  17. Which student does the Basilisk take into the Chamber of Secrets?
  18. Who invented Bertie-Botts-Every-Flavour-Beans?
  19. Who does Dolores Umbridge work for?
  20. The Whomping Willow was placed on the Hogwarts grounds the year Remus Lupin first came. Why?
  21. Where does Harry sleep up until his 11th birthday?
  22. Severus Snape, unknown to most, always loved...
  23. Who plays Lord Voldemort from film 4 onwards?
  24. At the Yule Ball, Draco Malfoy danced with...
  25. Anything to do with Harry Potter is...

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