Harry Potter Quiz of Death

There are many fans of Harry Potter. But few actually know what's up when it comes down to it. This quiz will separate the squibs from the wizards. I hate that I have to write this paragraph though.

Are you a Harry Potter nerd? Prove it! I'm not sure that anyone can ace this test without taking it multiple times. :) Now I have to fill this stupid thing to a certain point before they'll let me go...

Created by: Derrick

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  1. What is the name of the town Harry lives in during the summers?
  2. How many Galleons did Fred and George bet Ludo Bagman before the Quiditch world cup in book 4.
  3. Where does Hermione hold the first gathering of the D.A. in book 5?
  4. Where does harry potter take a portkey from to get to the World Cup in book 4?
  5. Where does Harry use Sectumsempra against Malfoy in the 6th book?
  6. In the first book Hagrid leaves harry after they went shopping at a station so he can go back home. Where was that place?
  7. Where did Harry and Draco first meet?
  8. What is a Homorphus Charm?
  9. What is the simple spell that Sirius was going to tell harry to use against the dragon in book 4.
  10. What magazine is Luna's father the Editor of?

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