Are YOU an absolute harry potter fan?!

There are only a few harry potter fans in this entire world and to be one you have to take the quiz so take it already! please please please please! Sorry but this is taking ages to write and my mum is cross at me for being on the computer so long!

so you think you are a rue harry potter fan? Well, take the dam test already to find out if you are! Sorry for being so rude but making this test takes AGES! and I'm getting really tired! so please just take the stupid test PLEASE PLEASE!

Created by: Charlie

  1. Whats another name for Belladonna?
  2. Was Nicolas Flamel a real person?
  3. what did nicolas Flamel make?
  4. what colour was dudleys hair in the BOOK not the movie
  5. Harrys main enemy was
  6. Thestrals can only be sen by....
  7. What element is the salamander?
  8. What unique ability dose unicorn blood possess?
  9. what is peves?
  10. how did harrys nimbus 2000 break
  11. What is leathal to devils snare?
  12. 'The tails of Beedle...
  13. What are centures?
  14. What do spider fear above all others?
  15. What was the cerebus/ 3 headed dogs name?
  16. what can Proffeser Magonagal change into?
  17. " The monster book of ....
  18. What dose Draco mean
  19. What should you eat before it eats you?
  20. Who gave harry the gillyweed?
  21. Who mad the godric Griffendor Sword?
  22. What was Fluffly Garding?

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Quiz topic: Am I an absolute harry potter fan?!