How much do you know about Harry Potter?

If you can complete this with a score of 100 you know that you love Harry Potter and can't wait for the last two movies!!!!!!!! This quiz will test how well you think you are at Harry Potter facts!

Are you a true and dedicated Harry Potter fan? Take this fun quiz and find out!!! You may know more than you thought you did. I hope you enjoy the quiz!

Created by: B-rooke
  1. In the first Harry Potter movie, who does the Sorcerer's/philosopher's stone belong to?
  2. In the first Harry Potter movie, how does Harry secretly move around the castle?
  3. In the seventh book, when does Percy Weasley return to his family's side?
  4. In the third movie, how is Sirius Black related to Harry?
  5. In the second movie, what does Ron say he would rather follow instead of spiders?
  6. In the sixth book, what is the spell that puts gashes into human flesh?
  7. In the fourth movie, who takes the identity of Mad-Eye Moody?
  8. Who are all the members of the Weasley Family?
  9. Who is Madame Rosemerta?
  10. What subject does Hagrid teach?
  11. In the seventh book, after escaping from the Malfoy's mansion, where does Harry go and what does he do there?
  12. In the fourth movie who dies?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Harry Potter?