Are you a Harry Potter Fan?

If you are a harry potter fan, then prove it. Warning, this quiz has spoilers. Dont take if you have not read the seventh book. Well you can take the quiz but only if you want to spoil the books for youreself. Freedom of taking personality tests. Um which amendment is that.

So. Are you a harry potter dunce or know it all? A ron or hermione? a harry or dumbledore? A snape or shampoo? or all of the above? at any rate, please enjoy this quiz. i worked really hard to make it. Please email me when you are done at ttyl

Created by: roselynn finch of roselynn finch
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  1. What year did Nearly Headless Nick die in?
  2. What is Tonks' first name?
  3. In the sixth book,Tonks is depressed. Why is she depressed?
  4. What is Lupin's first name?
  5. Who killed Bellatrix Lestrange?
  6. Who killed Nagini?
  7. What year was Harry born in?
  8. What is the name of the last book?
  9. Who is Harry's owl?
  10. Who is Scabbers?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Harry Potter Fan?