are you a good rolemodel?

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THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY? take this quiz and maby you would be able to find out whether you are really a good person or not..if you ever wonder whether you would make a good parent someday or not..

Do think that you do the right thing all the time? do you consider your self a good person? do you think that you might be a good parent someday? maybe this QUIZ can help you to find out more about your self and whether your moral compass is still working or not?

Created by: Jasmine

  1. your kids are riding up in the car with you, suddenly a car bumps up onto you...
  2. You are at the supermarket with your son ,an old lady asks you if you could help her to carry the grocery up to her car ..You
  3. you are in an airplane and an annoying kid sits beside you
  4. do you like pets?
  5. if you fell in love with someone and found out later that they have kids from previous relationship
  6. be honest...have you ever cheated on your partner while you are in a relationship?
  7. End justify means
  8. Volunteer work is
  9. did you had fun with this quiz?
  10. education is important becuse

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Quiz topic: Am I a good rolemodel?