Is He Really the One?

Sometimes its easy to get into a relationship and worry if you've done the wrong thing. Or even to be in a long term relationship and suddenly start to question your feelings. It happens quite often but all it takes is some thinking through to figure out if you're with the right person.

Are YOU having these doubts? This quiz can help you decide whether or not you're relationship is going to work. It's not a decision maker but it can go a long way in terms of helping you think about pro's and con's. Think about the questions thoroughly.. And don't answer how you wish things to be! Be honest!

Created by: Emma

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  1. The two of you fancy going out on a date rather than lounging about all night... You leave it to him to decide, where does he take you?
  2. Which situation best describes how you met him/got together?
  3. What are your arguments usually about?
  4. Roughly how often do you argue?
  5. How much time do you spend with him in general?
  6. When your away from him.. What are the most common thoughts you have about him?
  7. How many of the following apply to him? - He can make you laugh without referring to sex - You can spend a night in with him without his hands wandering - He lets you freely look through his phone and contacts - He keeps his word and has never double b?
  8. When he kisses you... What goes through your mind?
  9. How do your kisses start off... What are they like?
  10. How far have you got with planning your future... Together or alone?
  11. Are you comfortable enough for him to have seen every side to you... Good and bad?
  12. What terms are you on with his family?
  13. What does he most commonly call you?
  14. How long have you officially been with him?
  15. When he buys you presents for any occasion or just out of free will... What does he usually get?
  16. How do you sign cards or messages from each other?
  17. What opinion do your friends have on the two of you as a couple?
  18. What kind of balance do you have between seeing your friends and spending time with him?

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