Is my Boyfriend a Keeper?

I have seen a lot of relationships come and go. The relationships that have been long-lasting and also mutually fulfilling are those where Both Parties act wisely and in Good Faith. Being Wise does not come naturally and takes practice--especially when it comes to Love. Sometimes we need to decide whether to choose or to escape from a relationship or to choose between two or three different relationships. Sometimes it is best if we choose no relationship at all. Of course our Hearts and Feelings are great compasses for those decisions, but I really think the deciding factor is Wisdom. So I have put together my assembled wisdom from many teachers and much life experience into quiz form for you to assist you in making wise choices about Love.

This is not really a "quiz." It is more like a college-level "mid-term" exam for people who feel deeply and who want to think deeply about relationships that will change their lives forever, for better or worse. This "quiz" tests your honesty, your character, your judgment and your sense of hope. I wrote it mainly for adult women, but it also applies to adult men and to adolescents to some extent.

Created by: Leslie
  1. How long were you friends before you became lovers?
  2. Does he respect you and your household?
  3. Does your family like your boyfriend?
  4. Does he support your relationship with your family?
  5. How would you describe your boyfriend's intelligence?
  6. How "nice" is your boyfriend?
  7. Do you consider your boyfriend to be a responsible, mature man?
  8. When your boyfriend drinks he gets:
  9. Does your boyfriend try to improve himself as a person?
  10. Does your boyfriend have a good career or at least career goals?
  11. If there is a problem in your relationship your boyfriend is most likely to:
  12. When your boyfriend makes a mistake or does something to upset you he:
  13. How would you describe your "fights" with your boyfriend?
  14. When it comes to meals:
  15. How is your boyfriend when it comes to helping keep the place clean and tidy.
  16. Is boyfriend stingy or generous?
  17. Do you have shared interests and hobbies such as gardening, art, bird-watching, Football, Motocross racing?
  18. How would you describe your love-making with your boyfriend?
  19. Is your boyfriend marriage-minded?
  20. Has your boyfriend ever acted aggressively, ever threatened or committed violence against you or members of your family?

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