Are You A Good Friend?

Friendship is one of the most basic, yet beautiful, gifts of humanity. It is glorified by those who are mutually devoted to their relationships but disregarded by those who are taken advantage of and ignored.

What kind of friend are YOU? Do you deserve an award of merit, or should there be warning posters with your picture placed in every public area? Let's find out, shall we?

Created by: Devin
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  1. When you talk to your friend, how much of the talking is done by you?
  2. Your friend says something you don't agree with. It could be a matter that is political, religious, social, etc. You
  3. Your friend leaves a message on your voicemail, asking you to call as soon as possible. He or she sounds upset. You
  4. Your friend has invited you to a party at a restaurant or bar. He or she tells you it starts at 9:00. You
  5. Your friend tells you that there is something you do or say that offends him or her. You
  6. Your friend just broke up with his or her significant other. This person then comes and asks you out. You
  7. Your friend is wearing something that does not flatter him or herself at all (considering you both have similar senses of style), and your opinion is requested. You
  8. Your friend has another friend that you have met. You cannot stand this person, but your friend cherishes you both and wishes for the three of you to spend more time together. You
  9. You agreed to meet your friend for lunch, but then you were told that you had a chance to win $50,000 if you go to a game show at the same time you were supposed to meet your friend. You
  10. Your friend is having a party, and you, of course, are invited. You

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Quiz topic: Am I A Good Friend?