Are You a Priority or a Convience to Your Partner?

There are many people confused about their relationships. Everyone has problems, but can they be fixed? I am not a psychiatrist or a relationship counselor, but that would depend on if the persons in the relationship were both willing and what the problems were. I once had a friend, who told a friend, who told me.. If he loves you, you would be a priority not a convenience.. Thanks Holly and Meghan..

Are you in a great relationship? Will it work out? Are the feelings even mutual? Answer these questions accurately and you will soon know where your relationship is headed.

Created by: Alicia
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  1. How often does your partner call you in the morning just to say good morning?
  2. When you and your partner make plans do they...
  3. How often does your partner make time to see you before running home?
  4. When going on a date, where do you go when its your partners choice?
  5. When you try to talk to your partner about your relationship issues, how do they react?
  6. When asked to name a memory you two have shared he/she would name...
  7. Its your birthday and your partner is coming to see you. Do they...
  8. If your partner were to buy you a gift, what would it be?
  9. If he/she goes to the grocery store with you, do they...
  10. At night when your partner spends the night with you, do you...

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Quiz topic: Am I a Priority or a Convience to my Partner?