What type of partner are you?

Everyone wants to be in a relationship that last forever. No one wants to be by themselves on the holidays. Who likes to send flowers, cards and candy to themself from themself, on Valentines Day? Is that You???

If you are not in a serious relationship, why not? Do you take others spouses? Are you Selfish? Do you play a lot of games? Are You to self centered? How are you for a partner???

Created by: chloe
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  1. Do you call your spouse if you are going to get home late?
  2. How many times a week do you like to have sex?
  3. It is 4am. Your partner wakes you up to have sex. You have to get up already at 7am. Do you
  4. Your mother does not like your spouse because they are always making you sad. Do you
  5. You spouse cheats and a baby is the result of the side relationship. Do you
  6. Your spouse forgets to get you something for valentines day. Do you
  7. A person of the opposite sex calls your spouses cell phone at 2am. Do you
  8. You and your spouse never get to spend time with one another because you are both busy. Do you
  9. Your spouse wants you to cut off a childhood of the opposite sex? Do you
  10. Your sexlife with your spouse is still not good after 6 months. Do you

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Quiz topic: What type of partner am I?