Are You In Love?

Do you think you're in love? Have you and your partner been having issues in your relationship? Do you and your partner fight every night? Well here is a short quiz to help you find out if you're in love. A good relationship has at least 75%-100%

This quiz will help you choose or decide whether you really in love. Don't have this worry you it was made by me a person who isn't exactly the queen of relationships but I have seen love before so it isn't to hard to write about just hard to describe. But don't take the results to heart if they aren't what you want then change them.

Created by: sarah
  1. Who or what do you think about when you're sitting in Class/Work?
  2. What do you feel when your partner touches you?
  3. How long did you wait to have your first kiss with your partner?
  4. How long have you and your partner been dating?
  5. How long have you known your partner?
  6. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  7. Where did you meet your Lover?
  8. What do you refer to your partner as?
  9. How Do you rate your bf/gf hot factor?1-10 10 is highest?
  10. How do you rate your bf/gf personality?

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