Are You In Love With Your BF/GF?

There are so many relationships being formed and broken out there. But how many last? Is yours one of them? Find out in this quiz! Just answer these simple questions to find out if your BF/GF and you are meant to be!

Does youir relationship have what it takes for you and your partner to end up as that old coulple sitting on the front porch, watching the grandkids play? Find out here!

Created by: sam
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How often do you and your partner just talk?
  2. When you do talk, are you comfortable with talking about things like problems in your relationship?
  3. Do you share an emotional or physical bond?
  4. Do you still have "us time"?
  5. Do either of you change your attitude to "loving" when other people are around?
  6. Do you sleep together?(All the answers in parynthisies are for if you're too young)
  7. Do you still laugh and have fun together?
  8. Have you made long-term plans?
  9. Have you ever considered breaking up?
  10. Do you think you're in love?

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Quiz topic: Am I In Love With my BF/GF?