Far from Perfect Love Part 1

This quiz is about you. Kinda corny, right? Yeah I thought so. But I was just sitting on my couch watching TV when Poof! I got this idea so I started this.

Now um. I guess that is all I have to say. I guess I'll just say the same thing now. This quiz is about you. Kinda corny, right? Yeah I thought so. But I was just sitting on my couch watching TV when Poof! I got this idea so I started this. bye now to the peeps!

Created by: AmazingAuthor
  1. Life was perfect for you. You had yourself the most popular guy as your boyfriend and you had the bestfriends. So what could go wrong? Well in the end everything went wrong, but let's start from the beginning.
  2. You met Owen, your popular boyfriend, at the park like you were going to. "_____, I don't know if this is going to work out." He said. You looked up at him. "But. Why? I thought we were-" Owen cuts you off. "I know, I know, But the keyword here is were. Listen, to say this delicately, I don't love you anymore. I don't even see why we even dated in the first place." he said. You were about ready to cry. "I'm sorry, but it isn't my fault your to ugly and unpopular for me. You brought my reputation down so. We are over." Owen walked away from you. Tears were streaming down your face as you pretty much fell onto the grass. You felt like a fool thinking that Owen actually loved you. "_____?" A soft male voice said. You look up to find your best friend, Matthew. "Aw _____, what's the matter?" Matthew lifted you into his arms and carried you to a bench.
  3. Matthew kissed you forehead softly. "Calm down love, and tell me what's the matter." with every word, Matthew's lips lightly caressed your forehead. You shivered and your heart rate sped up. Matthew was your best friend but you have never felt this way around him. "I-It's Owen." You stuttered between those hiccups people get when the cry to hard. Matthew lightly rocked you. "What did he do?" he asked. "Owen broke up with me. He said I was to ugly and unpopular for him." you cried into Matthew's eccentric green shirt. "Well _____, In my book, It doesn't matter whether your popular. But you are the most beautiful girl in the universe." he said. You smiled a little and moved closer to him. Matthew kissed your forehead and you suddenly felt fine. You couldn't even remember what was wrong. Weird right?
  4. "Really?" You asked. Matthew pecked your cheek. "Yeah. of course. You should get home, eat a snack and go to bed. You'll feel better. I promise." He said. You nodded. "Ok, See you later." You said. Matthew smiled and waved. As you got up and looked back, you could have sworn you saw Matthew snap his fingers and a double fudge cake appeared. "I might just be seeing things." You said to yourself and walked home.
  5. When you got to your beautiful two story house, you found a note from Jenny, your other best friend. It read: Hey girlfriend! Matthew and I made you a snack inside. With his famous hot chocolate! So I guess I'll just tell you to enjoy Jenny. "Cool." You said and walked inside. You found the snack, a plate of chocolate chip cookies, and the hot chocolate, which was still warm. As you took a bite of one cookie...
  6. CLIFFHANGER!!! Sorry it was so short. I promise it will be longer next time.
  7. so comment and rate and just tell me what you think. Give me some ideas and yeah, that's all I have to say I guess.
  8. Did you like this?
  9. none of the answers counted so next time you don't need to click those answers.
  10. Bye everyone I hope you liked. And please don't be hesitant to criticize!

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