Are you Perfect?

Many people say that there is no such thing as 'Perfect'. But how would they know- they haven't taken this quiz. Are you perfect, nearly perfect, Just normal or Imperfect? Find out...

I bet that the majority of people who take this quiz and those who don't are either 'Just Normal' or 'Imperfect'. Feel proud of yourself if you're perfect or nearly perfect- you are part of a minority.

Created by: Kayleigh Harding

  1. If a friend asked you to look after her dog, but it died of natural causes whilst in your care, what would you tell them?
  2. If you got on the wrong bus (happens to us all!) but it had already started moving would you:
  3. How would you react if you reported bullying at school/work, but the boss/teacher didn't show sympathy?
  4. Have you ever solved a Rubiks cube?
  5. When was the last time you were ill?
  6. Have you ever been to the accident & emergency department as a patient?
  7. Can you play an instrument
  8. How does this person sound to you: 'Dyes hair bright blonde, Wears loads of fake tan, Wears REALLY revealing clothes in public and is ALWAYS on a diet'
  9. How does this person sound: 'very pale skin, teeth which are slightly raised, dark, spanish eyes and dark hair'
  10. Which of these sum up your personality?

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Quiz topic: Am I Perfect?