Far From Perfect Love Part 2

This quiz is about you. Kinda corny, right? Yeah I thought so. But I was just sitting on my couch watching TV when Poof! I got this idea so I started this.

Now um. I guess that is all I have to say. I guess I'll just say the same thing now. This quiz is about you. Kinda corny, right? Yeah I thought so. But I was just sitting on my couch watching TV when Poof! I got this idea so I started this. bye now to the peeps!

Created by: AmazingAuthor
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  1. As you bit into the cookie, a bluish purplish color shined from it. Suddenly, you kinda felt a little drunk. What the f--- did they put in your cookie. But something about that plate of cookies.. Made you kinda want to eat a truck load of them. You gobble them all down and now you're craving the hot chocolate. You gulp it all in about four swallows. "There is something wrong." You were about to go to Matthew and Jenny to see what they did to your snack. But something was holding you back. "Matthew told me to go get ready for bed and sleep so I guess I will." You said brightly. "I also think that Matthew and I would make a really good couple." now you knew something weird was going on. You went to the bathroom to take a shower. While you were washing your face, you thought you felt someone lightly stroking your cheek. "You are so beautiful." The voice murmured. You almost fell but someone held you up. You went the rest of your shower in peace. With nothing strange happening.
  2. After you shower, you slip into your favorite night gown, one with purple bananas on it, and went to bed. You weren't very tired. "Hi." You heard a female voice say. You screamed as you jumped from your bed. But then you realized something else wrong. Where was your mom? She was supposed to be here hours ago. You got up out of bed to go downstairs to see if your mom called while you were in the shower. Then you felt someone pushing on you. "Don't worry about your mom. She'll be home in thirteen seconds." two seconds after that, you heard your mom's car pull up. "WHO ARE YOU?!" you screamed as your mom walked in. "I am your mother and why are you still up?" she asked as she threw off her sneakers. "Mom! There is this weird guy and he- he-" Something was stopping you from finishing the sentence. "What strange guy? What did he do?" Your mom questioned. "Nothing mom, I was joking. And you're right. I should go to bed now and I will. Goodnight." You said and went back to your room and immediately went to bed.
  3. Matthew held you in his arms. "I love you. No joke." he said. "Wha-" Matthew interrupted you. "Listen, I loved you for a really long time. I just kinda held in all my emotions for a while. And I also kept something from you for a really long time." he said. "What is it?" You asked, flipping your hair. "I'm not sure how to tell you this so I guess I'll do this.." Matthew held you tighter and put his lips to your neck. He was hesitant at first but then bit your neck. Then you woke up. There was a terrible burning sensation in and on your neck. You looked at your pillow to find a few drops of blood on it. You gasped when you saw...
  4. Cliffhanger!
  5. Special shout out to Firey Soul, I don't know why, But I just love you! Not to be creeepy but. I just love you so much! You rock
  6. Um.. I didn't really get that many comments but I guess its ok. I was thinking of not continuing but You know, I thought of the people who did like it so yeah.
  7. I only had 4 people take the quiz. :(
  8. So tell me if I should continue and all that crap. If you don't like it just tell me and don't be afraid to criticize.
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