Not Again! (part one)

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So welcome to my quiz. I hope you like it and yeah... I guess that is all I have to say... Random lyrics time!I'm ready for ya now I think my tongue's done waiting it out You took a while to get through, I've been awake and dreaming it true. With every, with every seam you're sewing up my heart With every thread, you know you'll put it apart Look in the mirror, I don't see no scars, and everywhere i need you, there you are.

Something in your eyes, I recognize it, baby, could you be the face, of love? Everything is perfect when the light is right You'll turn and see the face, of love, Oh we see, eye, eye, eye to eye. I hear it from your mouth, Uh Oh, Pulling back the curtain, now it's starting to look certain You're the face of love

Created by: Miranda Cosgrove
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  1. You and your "lovely sweetheart", Ryan were going to go on the best date known to man! But somehow, he just had to louse that up. How? Ryan crashed your beautiful (choice of car) into a tree. When you guys got out of your car, you saw the giant dent and freaked out.
  2. You took a few deep breaths and was calm once again. But that didn't stay for long. Another driver, somehow, drove into the side of your (choice of car) and it flipped over 3 times. "Ok.. What the hell?!!" You screamed. "I was texting my mom." Ryan said innocently. You rolled your eyes and looked at his phone to see what was so important. But when you look, you see some chicks name, Stephanie, with hearts surrounding it.
  3. "We are so over." You rolled your eyes and walked away. All of that drama was about two months ago. Now you are 16 and this story is all about your wacked up crazy life with a bunch of hotties.
  4. Ever since your break up with Ryan, you went out jogging to try and get over it. This morning was no different.. except for one thing. You felt.. watched. Every 5 minutes, You look around expecting to see someone in the bushes and every time didn't see anything. but you can sence someones presence.
  5. But then suddenly you felt like someone just walked through you. You ran into a really hot guy. You were about to say something when..
  6. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!! So yea.. Will you come back?
  7. So how was your day
  8. So here is a little about me. I am 11 years old and I a African American. I am in the 6th grade and I hate middle school. Everyone treats you like your still wetting your pants. Umm.. I don't have much friends.. and I guess the only ones I have are completely loyal and awesome. My fifth grade teacher made sure the only girls in my old class didn't get classes this year since there was only six of us and we all were best friends. Sadly, I didn't get any classes with my all time bff. She got all the cool classes and I got all the terrible classes and oldies as teachers. So ya.. That is me.
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