An Odd Love Story (part four)

Part four is here! yay! so ya, im totally making a new guy, so keep an eye out! Also I'm open to suggestions in the comments. Working on part five! :)

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Created by: icinoddness
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  1. Its Monday. You get dressed in a t-shirt and some jeans. Your really excited about seeing Madison later on today. She's being released from the hospital today. As you head to school, you get a text. Its from Trevor. Its says Hey Carrie, wanna meet up at lunch? You text back sure. You sit through biology and go to chemistry. The teacher wants you to do an experiment so you have to pick partners. Of course you pick Joshua. You sit down at the desks as you begin mixing different amounts of baking soda with vinegear.
  2. "So, Carrie, I'm having a party a week from now and was wondering if you could come?" Sure, you say in a calm voice.(really you super excited on the inside) "Great! Its 9 to 12 and causual wear." You guys finish up the assignment and then talk for the rest of the period. He tells you about his favorite bands, movies, and tv shows. You can tell he's a serious rocker. "I want to be a male model, but my backup plan is an international rockstar. Pretty big dreams, but high ambition is what I'm made of.
  3. After class, Its time for lunch with Trevor. You get a table and wait for him. And wait for him.And wait for him. He doesn't come. Your all finished with your food so you go wandering around the library. You find a book and sit down, then you hear Trevor's voice saying "Ya, babe, I'm going to ask Carrie out but that doesn't mean I like her. Its just that I can get her to do whatever I want. She's head over heels for me, I only love you!" Then your hear him kissing her. Tears come to your eyes, you cant beleive this!
  4. You spin around and run out of there. Then you hit something.You look and see its Joshua. "Carrie, what's wrong?" He sees Trevor running after you and he's saying "I'm sorry Carrie, I didn't mean it!" "You did this to her? Your gonna pay!" Then he punches Trevor right in the face. Trevor wasn't expecting this and didn't react fast enough to dodge the second one. Then the P.E. teacher came in and broke things up and sent them both to the priciple's office.
  5. You're still shocked that Trevor could do this to you, and the fight that just happened, but you manage to focus until the end of the day. Then you head over to Dakota's house. Madison is super exited to see you
  6. Hey Madison! She gives you a hug. Are you happy to be out of the hospital? She nods her head. You, Madison, and even Dakota play checkers, barbies, and dressup. After a while, She's tired, and takes a nap. Dakota puts her too bed and comes and hugs you. You weren't expecting this this and stiffen up. He lets go and says,"I would have never been able to go through her being that badly injured without you being there with me. Thanks."
  7. You guys spend a few minutes together talking, and you really feel like you like this guy. Then its time for you to leave. Before you leave he looks like he wants to ask you something, but he quickly says bye instead. You wave bye, then head over to your house and recieve a text from Trevor. It says that he misses you and wants you back. You answer no, you're not wrapped around anyone's finger. He text back saying that your a slut and he never loved you anyway.
  8. You force yourself not to cry, then go in your room and listen to music. As you think about your day, you sigh. At least you have Joshua's party next week.
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