Love can Bite part 4

Hi!!! This is part 4 of Love can bite!!! Comment at the end and give suggestions!!! Thanks to all my fans with encouraging words! ANGELIC4: your supposed to ENCOURAGE me if you like it not be CRITICAL!!!

MUST READ!!! this is a GIRLS ONLY. story quiz series! Plus if you havent taken parts 1, 2, or 3, go take them! Dont forget what I said either. Then you would be like my brother. He forgets EVERYTHING!!!

Created by: Mistyheart13

  1. RECAP: You pass out from pain and voices in your head.
  2. {DREAMING} You wake up(not really) in a sunny meadow. In front of you is a boy with black hair with orange streaks and red eyes. Other than that he looks just like Jake. "Who are you?" you ask. The boy looks hurt. "You dont know me?" he asks, clearly offend. You say nothing and he sighs. "Guess not." "Who are you then?" you ask. "I am Drake." You gasp softly. "What did you do to me?" you ask. "I sent demon spirits to overwhelm your mind." "Why?" "So I could ask you to join me." "No way!" "Is that so?" Drake snarls. "Then say goodbye, princess!" he yelled in fury as you accidentally tellaport yourself in a tree.
  3. Drake teleports right in front of you. He pushes you against the trunk when he realizes if he bites you he will fall. You start to fall but he grabs you and when you look in his eyes all you can see is love, pure love. He pulls you up and pushes you against the tree trunk with his body andhe stares intio your eyes. Like with connor you feel all control of your mind slipping away...
  4. Drake kisses you and you are suprised at how good it feels when you need air, you try to push him away but you cant move. You realize he is smothering you.
  5. BOYS VIEW} Oh. My. Gosh. Katie just stopped breathing! Now shes shimmering. And now shes fading. KATIE!!!
  6. BACK TO YOU} When you woke up (for real) Drake was leaning over you in the meadow. "You OK Katie?" he asks. You remembering what he did to you, get up and back away.
  7. Drake picks you up and runs far away. But when his back is turned, his demons attack again. You manage to get away and teleport back to the guys but it took so much effert you fainted in front of them.
  8. When you wake up the guys are standing by your bed and they ask you if your ok. You say yeah and they watch over everything you do.
  9. You godown to the kitchen and smile because you see...
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!! Sorry ill make part 5 soon!

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