Paranormal Love (part 4)

Hey everyone, welcome to part 4 of my Paranormal Love series. If you haven't read the others, you might want to. This one isn't all that action filled, but you do get some answers to your questions.

Here's a recap: Everyone took you upstairs and down a hallway, where you got to a door on the end. Allissa tells you to open the door, you turn the handle and see...

Created by: Firey_Soul

  1. You open the door and see something that nearly makes your eyes pop out of your's your dream room! It's a huge room decorated to suit your tastes perfectly, it also has a balcony with a nice veiw of the pool outside, your own bathroom (hot tub included!) and a closet with a cute wardrobe made up of whatever you've always wanted. Everything is so perfect, it's almost unreal. "It's all yours," Ethan says. "Do you like it?" Nick asks. "Like???" you ask "Try LOVE!!!" you exclaim. You keep gushing over the room. "It's so perfect! How did you guys know what my dream room looks like??" "We have our ways." Bryan says. "But you can also thank Allissa and Anthony for telling us about your stlye." Everyone has a huge smile on their face, happy with your reaction... but you're pretty sure your smile is bigger. You hug everyone and say "Thanks so much guys! How can i ever repay you?" "Just staying with us is enough." Chris says. "Deal!" You say hugging him again.
  2. You go inside your room and look around. "Wow...just, wow!" you say super psyched. You feel like the luckiest girl on earth. Not only did you get the room of your dreams, but you also are staying in the most beautiful mansion ever with your two best friends, and four smoking hot guys- but not just any smoking hot guys, they also are supernatural beings! You are slightly terrified that you will wake up soon and discover that it's just a dream. But, it's too real to be a dream, and you know you can tell the difference between a dream and reality. This, (thank God) was reality!
  3. But there were still so many unanswered questions that you had. "So, guys," you say. "Thanks again for the room, but I still have a ton of questions." "Of course," Nick says "Ask away." Everyone comes in your room and finds a place to sit down. Allissa and Anthony sit down on the floor by your bed. Bryan sits down on your bean bag chair. Nick sits on the floor next to Bryan. Chris and Ethan sit on the end of your bed. Where do you sit?
  4. You sit down wherever you choose. If it was next to one of the guys, that guy you chose to sit next to looks happy and the other guys look kind of jealous. If you were stupid enough to sit next to Allissa and Anthony, then all the guys look dissapointed and you feel kind of awkward because you can see that Anthony's hand is almost on Allissa's butt.
  5. Anywho, your first question is for Allissa and Anthony. You look at them and say "Not that I'm not psyched to see you two, 'cause I am, but why are you here?" "Because Anthony and I are supernatural beings as well." Allissa says. "Really?!" you say in shock. "For how long???" you ask. "We were born like this." Anthony says. "And how did you two manage to hide it from me all this time???" "It's easy, we just didn't change into our magical forms in front of you." You stare at them still in shock for a bit before saying "You two knew about my powers and you knew Chris, Bryan, Ethan, and Nick long before I did. Didn't you?" you ask. "That's right." Anthony says "So why didn't you tell me?" you ask. "We had to be 100% sure that you had powers before telling you about all this." Allissa replies "And when we were, which was just a few days ago, we had the guys come to our school." Anthony says. "It was all set up." All you can say is "Oh...I see."
  6. "So what are your magical forms?" you ask Anthony and Allissa. "I'm a dark angel like Bryan and Anthony is a vampire like Chris." Allissa says. "Can I see?" you ask. "Okay." Allissa says. Next thing you know, there's a bluish glow around Allissa and Anthony. It goes away after a second. Anthony has fangs and his eyes were golden-hazel, he had more brown in is eyes than Bryan did in his magical form, but his eyes still looked cool and exotic. Allissa had black wings coming out of her back, they were the same size as Bryan's wings and they looked pretty and majestic. Allissa's eyes were also no longer dark green, they were the same color as pretty, neon, dark blue christmas lights.
  7. The word "woah" pretty much sums up your thoughts. Then in a split second, Anthony and Allissa were changed back into their human forms. You look over at Nick, "What about you, Nick? What's your magical from?" you ask. "I'm a werewolf." Nick replies. "Do you turn into a werewolf only when there's a full moon or can you control it?" you ask. "I can mostly control it," Nick says "But when there's a full moon, I have no choice." "Oh, I see." you say.
  8. Your next question was for Bryan. "So, Bryan." you say, Bryan looks at you. "Earlier today, you said 'we gotta stick together.' so, are we the only supernatural beings here?" you ask. "There are other supernatural beings out there but they're our enimies." Bryan says. You give him a confused look. "Why?" you ask. "See, they think that they should destroy all the humans and make Earth a place for immortals only. We disagreed so they disowned us and told us to get lost. We've been here ever since." Bryan replies "So is the Earth in danger?" you ask nervously. "____, I'm not trying to scare you, but it will be if they ever get a hold of you. We're here to keep you safe and make sure that never happens." Bryan says. Whoever you were sitting next to gives you a reassuring hug. "Why me?" you ask. "Well ____, since we don't what supernatural being you are, you could be turned into anything. Your magic has enough potential to be harmless or to destroy the Earth." Chris says. "Now are you glad the guys brought you here when they did?" Allissa asks. "Yeah," you reply a little scared.
  9. "Do any of you know exactly what type of powers I have?" you ask. "No." Ethan says "We'll find out when we start training tomorrow." "You'll switch off training with each one of us every day." Nick says. "____, I'll be your training buddy first." Chris says winking at you. "Okay." you say smiling. Bryan, Nick, and Ethan shoot Chris jealous looks. "Got any more questions?" Nick asks. "You guys pretty answered all of them." you say. "Alright." Nick says. After that, all of you start chatting about random stuff and joking around. You all are having so much fun that you lose track of time. Eventually you look out the window and see that it's getting dark. "Woah! Where did the day go?" you ask. "Time flies when you're having fun." Bryan says and winks. You smile. You suddenly realize how hungry you are, your stomach growls. It's like Allissa reads your mind, "Hey guys, wanna get a pizza?" she asks. Everyone nods. "I'll order." Bryan says picking up his phone. After that, Everyone leaves your room and goes off to do their own thing. Everyone except for Ethan. You two are alone in your room.
  10. Uh-Oh, CLIFFHANGER!!!!! I want to write more, I really do. But you are going to hate me if I keep writing and then end it when it's just about to get good so I decided to just end it here. I hope you all liked this part and I will make part 5 as soon as I can. So, tell me... who do you like?

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