Paranormal Love (part 3)

Hola my peeps! Welcome to part 3 of my paranormal love series. This is the part where it gets good! (sorry if the last one was a little boring.) You find out the guys' secrets and meet a new guy. Enjoy! :)

Here's a recap: You swear you see Ethan walk through a wall earlier at school, so you call Allissa and tell her about it in hoping she might have an answer.

Created by: Firey_Soul
  1. Allissa answers her phone. "Hello?" she says. "Hi Allissa." you say. "Hey ____, what's up?" Allissa replies. You pause for a moment. "Allissa, you're going to think I'm crazy but... when I was leaving school, I swear I saw Ethan walk through a wall." There were a few seconds of silence. You expected Allissa to say something like "Girl, I don't know what you're smoking but you really should stop!" Instead Allissa just said "Oh,". "Oh?" you ask. "That's it?" Allissa says nothing. "Do you know something I don't know?" you ask. Allissa still says nothing. "You do know something I don't know!" you practically shout into the phone. "You better start explaining right now!" you demand. Allissa sighs. "I can't." she says. "Why not?!" you ask. "I just can't." she replies. "That doesn't answer my question!!!" you exclaim. "Look, I gotta go. Don't bother calling me back because I'm not going to answer my phone. Bye, _____." Allissa says and then hangs up. Of course you try calling her back but she keeps her word. You sigh in frustration. Then you try calling Anthony... and no answer. Great, he must be in on it too. What the hell was going on???
  2. "Fine then! So be it!" you think. You try to take your mind off of things by listening to your i-pod but it doesn't really work.
  3. The next day you walk to school hoping that Allissa or Anthony would tell you what they know. You arrive at school and go to your locker. You find Chris standing there, "Hey, Chris." you say smiling. "Hey ____," he replies. His eyes meet yours "____, I have a question for you." "What is it?" you ask. "Bryan, Ethan, and I have something to tell you." Chris says. Not exactly a question but okay. "Go ahead." you say. "Well actually, we can't tell you right here. So you're going to have to come with me." You hesitate for a minute before saying. "Alright." You didn't want to go to class anyway.
  4. You and Chris sneak out of the school and walk over to his car. "Get in." he says. You get in on the passenger side and he gets in the driver's seat. Bryan and Ethan are in the back. They both give you a flirty smile and say hi. "Hey guys." you say. Chris pulls out of the parking lot and drives away. He keeps driving for a while and he starts going down streets you're not famliar with. You're pretty sure you're out of town by now. You guys were in some sort of thick forest driving down a narrow dirt path. There was huge pine trees everywhere you looked. It was also kind of dark. "Where exactly are we going?" you ask. "We're almost there." Chris says. You see an opening in the path of trees but you can't exactly see what's on the other side. Chris stops the car and you all get out. "So, you took me to this forest... Why?" you ask. "You'll see in a minute." Ethan says. "But there's something we have to tell you first."
  5. You look at Ethan, telling him with your eyes to go on. Ethan sighs. "____, you probably aren't going to believe this, but you have to know." He pauses. "Chris, Bryan, and I are supernatural beings." he says. You wonder if you heard him correctly. "Supernatural beings?" you ask. The guys nod. "Like what?" you ask. Bryan spoke up, "Well I'm a dark angel, Chris is a vampire and Ethan is a ghost." You are a bit surprized... so you weren't seeing things after all. You believed the guys but you didn't want to sound gullible. "Prove it." you say.
  6. "Alright then." Ethan says. Then you see a pale bluish glow around each of the guys... the next thing you know, the guys are in thier magical forms!
  7. You stare in awe at them, just barely believeing what you saw. Chris had fangs and his eyes changed from a piercing green to a very pale icy blue, pretty, but nowhere near as pretty as Ethan's blue eyes. Bryan had big black wings coming out of his back, each wing was about 3 feet long, but it still looked very light. His eyes also changed colors, from chocolate brown to an enchanting shade of gold. Ethan looked about the same... except for you could see through him a little bit. You couldn't help but reach out and grab Ethan's hand. It felt like you were touching a normal human. "Why isn't my hand going through you?" you ask Ethan "I can control that." Ethan says. "See?" All of a sudden you could no longer grasp his hand, your hand kept on going through it. All you can think to say at that perticular moment was "Woah..."
  8. After you got over the initial shock of being in the presence of a vampire, a dark angel, and a ghost, you say "That's great and all, but why did you guys tell me that?" "Because ____, you are one of us." Chris says. Okay, now you've heard it all, first the guys are supernatural beings, now you are?! "So, what am I?" you ask. "That's the thing." Chris says, "We don't know yet. But we know you have powers." "How?" you ask. "We can sense it." Chris says.
  9. "You have to stay with us from now on for training and to keep your powers under control." Bryan says. You just stare at him. "____, we gotta stick together." Bryan says. Honestly, you don't mind staying with the guys. For family, all you have is your aunt Carmen who was never home, and you hated pretty much everyone at school besides Allissa and Anthony. You speak up, "But what about Allissa and Anthony? They'll wonder where I've gone." Ethan smiles. "No they won't." he says. "They know where you are." Before you can respond, Ethan says "____, there's something you really need to see."
  10. "Follow us." Ethan says. You follow the guys into the opening in the forest. The next thing you see is a big silver gate, and behind it is the biggest, most beautiful mansion you've ever seen in your life! There were plants and flowers all around the mansion making it look even more beautiful. "This is where we live." Bryan says. "It's gorgeous." you say. The guys smile. "just like you." Bryan whispers. You blush. Chris unlocks the gate and you all walk inside the mansion.
  11. The inside of the mansion takes your breath away, it was so roomy and nicely decorated. It was prettier than you ever imagined your dream home. "Welcome to your new home, ____!" Ethan says. "Wow!" you say awestruck. "Feel free to explore, but first, there's someone we'd like you to meet." Bryan says.
  12. A guy walks out of the living room and he's cuteee!!! (yes, so cute that i had to put 3 E's at the end of the word.) He's just a tiny bit taller than Chris, he had a muscular build, tan, flawless skin, dirty blonde hair, and his You've never seen anything like them, they were a gorgeous shade of violet. His eyes looked mysterious and sexy like Chris' eyes, yet friendly and sweet like Ethan and Bryan's eyes. He looks at you and gives you a flirty smile. "Hey, you must be ____." he says. You smile and nod. "Nice to meet you, I'm Nick." he continues talking. "I've heard about you and been dying to meet you ever since." You raise an eyebrow. "We'll explain everything later." Chris says. "Okay," you say. "So does anyone else live here?" you ask. "Yup," Nick says.
  13. You follow Nick into the living room, (which is really cool by the way.) This is so not what you expected to find. You see Anthony and Allissa sitting on the couch watching tv. "____! You're here!" Allissa exclaims. Allissa and Anthony get up and give you a hug. "What are you guys doing here?" you ask them excitedly. "We'll explain later," Anthony says "But first, you gotta see this." Allissa says. She grabs your arm, you have a hard time keeping up with her but you still try. Everyone follows you guys up a big flight of stairs and down a big hallway with many doors. When you guys get to the door on the end, Allissa says "Open it." You turn the doorknob and see...
  14. CLIFFHANGER!!!!! Haha, hope you guys liked this part. So who do you like?

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