Paranormal Love (part 6)

Hi guys, welcome to part 6 of my paranormal love series. If you haven't read the others, you might want to. Sorry, Bryan and Ethan aren't really in this part, but enjoy anyway!

Here's a recap: You and Chris were training and Chris wants to find out which elements you can control, so he takes you over by the pool to do so. Keep reading...

Created by: Firey_Soul
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  1. The pool is really pretty, it sort of reminds you of Ethan's eyes. Even though it's a bit cold outside, you kinda want to jump into the pool. You look away from the pool and back at Chris. "So, I can control an element?" you ask. "Maybe," Chris says. "Perhaps even more than one." "Can any of you control elements?" you ask. "Just Allissa." Chris replies. "She controls fire." "Knowing Allissa, that totally makes sense." you say. Chris nods. "So anyway, what are we doing?" you ask. "Let's see if you can control fire." Chris says. He pulls a small block of wood out of his pocket and sets it down on the ground by the pool. "Concentrate on an emotion, anger is probably the easiest, and imagine this block of wood is on fire." Chris says. You don't get angry as easily as Allissa, but you still have a pretty short fuse. You think of all the annoying kids at school and within 15 seconds, the block of wood is ignited. "Good job!" Chris says. He kicks the block of wood in the pool to put out the fire. "You got that pretty fast... should I be worried about possible anger issues?" Chris asks. "Nah, I just thought of kids at school that piss me off. I'm not nearly as bad as Allissa." "Oh, that's a good thing." Chris says. "Allissa is cool, but she scares me sometimes." "Don't worry," you say. "Allissa would never hurt a cute guy... although she may threaten to." "So I'd be considered a cute guy?" Chris asks. "I'd say so." you say. Chris smiles, his cheeks are a teeny bit red.
  2. "So now what?" you ask, changing the subject. "Well actually, the only thing we have left to try is water." Chris says. "If you can't levitate, then you can't control air or earth." he explains. "Oh," you say.
  3. "So try and move the water in the pool with your mind." Chris says. You stare at the pool water and imagine it moving, the water created small waves. "Wow, you got it on your first try, you're good at this, ____!" Chris says. "Thanks." you say, feeling proud of yourself. You wonder if you can make the waves any bigger, so you try and create bigger waves. The waves in the pool get bigger. "Woah, ____! You might want to be careful with that..." Chris warns. But it's too late, because you created a wave a lot bigger than you anticipated... It sped twords you and Chris and splashed right out of the pool, drenching you both completely. "Oops, I didn't mean to do that." you say. You look at Chris, he brushes the wet hair out of his face, then you both burst out laughing. Chris looked funny with wet hair, but still really cute. "Smooth, ____." Chris says still laughing. "Yeah, I'm just awesome like that." you say grinning.
  4. "Since you already drenched us, wanna go for a swim?" Chris asks. "Sure." you say. Both of you slip off your soggy shoes. Then Chris takes off his shirt, your heart speeds up. You can't help but stare at his abs... Chris has a really hot body. You look away before Chris catches you staring. Chris picks you up. "Hey, what are you doing?" you ask. Chris smiles mischeviously, "Uh-Oh," you think. Then Chris runs twords the pool with you in his arms and jumps in. Luckily, you have just enough time to plug your nose before you hit the water. The water is cold but it feels great. While you are underwater, you open your eyes and see Chris looking back at you, he smiles, taking one hand off of you and waving. Both of you come up for air, "Wanna see something cool?" Chris asks. "Okay," you say. You were still in Chris' arms. Both of you went underwater again with your eyes still open. Chris kisses you on the lips. You were a little surprised, but it felt right. It lasted until you both had to come up for air again.
  5. You smile at Chris. "Wow, that was veryyy cool." you say winking. Chris says nothing, but he doesn't have to becuase his eyes say it all. You two go underwater and kiss again. Both of you come up laughing. "What are you guys doing?" you hear a voice say. You and Chris turn around and see Nick. "Swimming..." Chris replies innocently. "Aren't you supposed to be training?" Nick asks. "Well, we were until I..." you try to explain what happened but then Chris cuts you off. "What are you? My mother?" Chris asks Nick. Nick rolls his eyes. "Fine then, don't train. I don't care." he says walking away and going back into the mansion. "Sheesh, what's his problem?" You ask although you feel kinda bad. "Nothing really, he's just being Nick." Chris says. "And I'M labeled as the emo. But don't worry, he'll get over it." You can't help but wonder if Nick saw you and Chris kissing.
  6. You and Chris swim and chat for like two hours, after that your fingers were starting to look like prunes so you both decided to get out. In the living room Bryan, Ethan, and Anthony are playing some violent video game and Allissa is on her laptop with her headphones in, probably doing some youtubing. Allissa looks over and sees you and Chris. "Hey, ____. Looks like you tried out the pool. So how was training?" Allissa says. "Good. I'll give you the details later, I'm gonna go take a shower." you say going up to your room.
  7. You take a shower and change into whatever you want. You forget all about going downstairs to tell Allissa about training. You want to explore this huge mansion, Bryan said you could after all. There's at least 10 different rooms in the hallway where you're room is. You start by opening the door next to yours. You see a room about the same size as yours. You could tell just by the way it was decorated that the room belonged to Allissa. You're sure Allissa won't mind if you look around so you go in and look around. Allissa has a bunch of posters on her walls, mostly of hot celebs. There's also a bunch of artwork she made herself. You look at the stuff on her desk and you see a photo of her and Anthony lying next to her sketchbook. You pick the sketchbook up and flip through it. You find a drawing that looks like the photo only it's an anime version of Allissa and Anthony. "Aw, that's a cute drawing." you think. You put down the sketchbook and decide to leave.
  8. You close Allissa's door and open the one next to it. The room is mostly black and kinda messy. You see a big guitar amp with a firey red electric guitar next to it. You are pretty sure this is Chris' room.
  9. You leave and open the door next to Chris'. This was obviously Nick's room, because he was right there sitting on the bed. He looks up form his sketchbook and his violet eyes meet yours. "Hey, ____. What are you doing here?" Nick asks. "Just looking around. Sorry to barge in, I can leave if you want." you say. You are about to close the door but Nick stops you. "Wait! You don't have to leave, come in if you want." Nick says. "Okay," you say smiling. He smiles back at you. You sit next to him on the bed. "Whatcha drawing?" you ask. Nick quickly closes his sketchbook. "You can't look yet, it's a surprise." he says. "Oh, okay." You say. There's a few seconds of silence but Nick starts a conversation by asking you stuff about yourself. You tell him and you both end up chatting for hours. Nick is pretty fun to talk to.
  10. The last thing you and Nick talk about is this: "____, sorry to bring this up, but do you have a thing for Chris?" Nick asks you. "Why do you think that?" you ask nervously. "I saw you and him kiss." Nick replies. "Oh, crap! He did see us!" you think. "Just once, right?" you ask. Nick raises an eyebrow. "Yeah...How many times did you guys kiss?" You say nothing, but you probably looked uncomfortable because then Nick said "It's okay, you don't have to tell me." "It was just twice." you say. "Oh, alright..." Nick says. "Do you like him?" Nick asks. "As a friend, yes." you say. Then you hear a voice in your head say "Then why did you kiss him?" You think it's Nick and you're not sure weather you should say something or not... but then you forget it was only a thought and say "Just experimenting." Nick looked surprised. "You can read my thoughts?" he asks. You feel your face heating up "I didn't mean to... you just thought that kind of loudly." you say. "Oh. I guess I need to think a little more quietly then." Nick says with a small smile.
  11. "Anyway," Nick says. "Since you're just experementing...Do you wanna experement on me?" He seems confident, but there's just the slightest bit of nervousness in his voice. Who can say no to a violet-eyed cutie like Nick? You nod and you both lean in until your lips meet. Nick is an amazing kisser, you're really glad you said yes. The kiss lasted for about 5 seconds. "How was that?" Nick asks. "Quite honestly, awesome!" you say. Nick smiles. "I try my best." he says with a wink.
  12. ***TIME FORWARD*** It's around midnight and you are lying in your bed staring at the ceiling and thinking about your day. Your phone buzzing interupts your thoughts, you see that it's a text from Evan. "Oh yeah, I forgot all about him... and school." You read the text, all it says is "Sorry, I'm breaking up with you." you roll your eyes. Figures Evan would break up with you in a text. But you were glad he did because you were planning to soon anyway. You write back "Okay, you have fun with your new girl, which I'm sure you have." Evan doesn't reply. "I was probably right." you think. "Evan probably won't notice I'm gone." You space out for a few more minutes and fall asleep.
  13. The next morning, you were in that state where you were asleep but you are somewhat aware of your surroundings. You know it's morning, but you don't think much of it, you were still tired. Then you feel someone kiss your cheeck lightly. You open your eyes and see...
  14. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!! Sorry, guys but I had to do it! And don't be getting any ideas from the 2nd answer to the last question, got it? Tell me, who do you like?

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