Paranormal Love (part 33)

Hi guys, welcome to part 33 of my paranormal love series. God only knows how long it took me to make this part, but hey, at least I got it done! :P Spoiler alert: there will be a truth or dare in this part, and I know it's not very good, but I'm trying to keep it PG here! xP

I'm probably the biggest procrastinator on the planet, so no promises that I'm getting part 34 out anytime soon, but I'll at least try, because I love you guys. :) Recap: You and Ethan kissed on that playground. Now read the story! :)

Created by: Firey_Soul
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  1. "It's starting to get dark out. We should probably go," Ethan says. You nod. Ethan takes your hand and you two walk back to the mansion as the last of the sunset begins to dissapear behind you.
  2. ***TIME FORWARD*** The next day. Today has been pretty boring in comparison to yesterday. You spent the morning training with Allissa. She's been helping you with your fire powers. By noon, you two had to stop because it got really hot outside and working with fire didn't help the situation. There's been some crazy weather lately, it's about late August. Some days are hot, some are cool, some are rainy, and some are a mix of the three. Today was just plain hot! You could have done a lot of things today. You could have gone swimming, you could have had a water fight, you could have just stuck your head in the freezer! But for the entire afternoon (and evening), you find yourself in your air conditioned room on your laptop, watching youtube videos and being antisocial... whoops. Oh well, it was too hot for your brain to be functioning properly.
  3. You're not aware of the time until you noitice it getting dark around you. You glance over at the time in the bottom corner of your computer screen. "Holy crap! How can it be 8:30 at night already?!?" you think out loud. You turn off your laptop and put it away, then plop down on your bed. "Where did the day go?" you think. You turn to your side and look through the glass doors leading to your balcony. You watch the sun start to dissapear again, but this time Ethan isn't with you.
  4. You jump when you hear the sound of your door opening, then you hear a guy's laugh- Bryan's. You turn around and face him. "Why so jumpy, ____?" he asks, a smirk spreading across his face. You are unable to come up with a witty comeback, so you just shrug. "So whatcha doing?" Bryan asks. You turn over on your back and stare at the ceiling. "Nothing. Absolutely nothing." you reply in a flat tone caused by the extreme boredom you felt. Bryan sits on the edge of your bed. "Everything ok, ____?" he asks. "Yeah, why?" you answer. "You've been acting kind of distant lately...Well, from me anyway." Bryan says. You sit up. "I have?" you say, just now realizing that you haven't been spending all that much time with Bryan. Bryan nods. "Any reason why?" he asks. "No. I've just been busy, with life y'know. So sorry if it seemed like I was ignoring you." Bryan looks relieved, but then his expression turns into that famous bad boy smirk again. "I'll forgive you on one condition." Bryan says. You smile a bit. "Oh dear, what is that?" you ask. "Hug?" Bryan asks. It's amazing how a guy can have a bad boy smirk and innocent, angelic eyes at the same time, but Bryan managed to do it. "Deal." you say, wrapping your arms around him and leaning against his chest, he returns the hug. Bryan is taller than you, muscular, and warm- perfect for hugging.
  5. When you let go, Bryan playfully pokes your side. It makes you spaz out and giggle. "Hey! What was that for?" you ask. "You have a cute laugh." Bryan replies. He pokes you a few more times. "Stop that!" you say laughing. "Neverr!" Bryan shoots back and pokes both your sides at the same time. You decide to get him back, poking him as hard as you can. "Hey, that's not nice!" Bryan says. "You're one to talk." you say sticking out your tounge at him. Bryan tries to poke you again, but you grab both of his wrists and pin him down with his wrists above his head. He could have easily resisted, but he didn't. You and Bryan lock eyes. Bryan smiles. "Moving a little fast, aren't we?" he asks, raising an eyebrow. You realize that you're on top of him. The corner of your mouth raises up into a half smile. "Don't get too excited, I just wanted you to stop poking me." you say releasing him, and sitting back down on your bed. "Okay, okay fine." Bryan says rolling his eyes.
  6. A few seconds later, Bryan changes the subject. "Hey, _____?" he asks. "Yeah?" "Wanna do something fun?" he asks. You raise an eyebrow. "Define 'fun'." you say. The corner of Bryan's mouth goes up into a smirk briefly but quickly fades. "Swimming at night." he answers. "It's still pretty hot out there and have you ever seen the pool at night with the lights on? It's pretty freakin' awesome." You smile. "Oh, in that case, sounds great." you say. "Awesome." Bryan replies smiling. A few minutes later, you're with Bryan by the pool. Bryan was right, the pool did look freakin' awesome at night! The water has a faint turquiose-blue light that looks sooo pretty. The pool wasn't the only thing that looked awesome... Bryan did too. He looked like a model with his perfect hair, flawless tan skin, and gorgeous build. The dim blue light reflected off his chocolate brown eyes and made them sparkle even more. You and Bryan are standing at the edge of the pool. "Wanna jump in?" he asks. "Yeah, I guess." you reply. Bryan grabs your hand. "Ready?" he asks. You nod. "Go!" You and Bryan jump in the pool at the same time. The water is cool and refreshing.
  7. After about an hour and a half, you and Bryan get out of the pool and sit on the edge with your feet in the water. You both look up at the midnight blue sky. Tiny specks of silver are scattered throughout it, and the moon is surrounded by a ring of white light. "Wow, it's really pretty out here." you say. "Sure is." Bryan replies, putting his arm around you. You're kind of glad he did, because the small breeze was starting to make you cold. You couldn't help but lean on his shoulder. Bryan smiles. "I had fun, you know. We should do this more often." he says. "I agree." you reply. You aren't exactly sure what was going to happen next, but you are happy for now. You stop wondering when you here a voice from behind you.
  8. "Hi guys!" a male voice says. You don't even need to turn around because you know that voice is Anthony's. You and Bryan turn around anyway. Sure enough, Anthony is standing there, holding hands with Allissa. "Hey, what are you two doing here?" Bryan asks. "I think we can ask you guys the same." Allissa says, she sends a small smile and a wink in your direction. "Shut up, Allissa." you say to her telepathically. She only smiles bigger. "Well we were just hanging out here 'cause we felt like it." Bryan says. "So where have you guys been?" "We took a walk." Anthony says. "Mind if we join you?" he asks. Bryan looks at you as if asking you to answer, so you say "Sure, that's fine."
  9. Anthony and Allissa sit down on the pavement close to the pool. You and Bryan turn around to face them. "Wanna play truth or dare?" Bryan asks. "Okay." you all say. "Hm, truth or dare... this could get interesting." you think. "So who goes first?" you ask. "Ooh, I want to!" Anthony volenteers. You nod. "Allissa," he begins. "Aw crap..." Allissa mumbles. "Truth or dare?" Allissa hesitates for a moment. "Uh, truth I guess." she says. "Doesn't Anthony already know everything about you?" you ask Allissa. "Nobody knows EVERYTHING about me." Allissa replies. "So tell me," Anthony says, "What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?" "Hmmmm... there's been so many." Allissa says. "It was probably in 7th grade when I ate about 30 pixie stix and drank a ton of soda." Allissa pauses for a second. You all smile and listen up for the interesting story that's about to follow. "When I came down from my sugar high and fell asleep, I had this really trippy dream. There were swirling rainbows everywhere, and I felt like I was falling, but I never hit the ground. On the way down a bunch of floating, inanimate objects were talking to me. Then somehow, I ended up on top of a building in this city with a slice of pizza in my hand... and a ninja stole it! I chased after him, jumping from building to building. After I jumped off one building, it exploded. And I don't remember what happened next." Allissa says. "Wow," Bryan says. "Are you sure that was a sugar high?" "Pretty sure..." she replies. You all laugh.
  10. "Who's next?" Allissa asks. "I'll go." you say. You pause for a moment. "Bryan," you say, turning to face him. "Truth or dare?" Bryan looks amused and a just a teeny bit surprised that you picked him. "Dare." he says. You were kind of hoping he'd pick 'truth' but whatever. Now to come up with a dare... "Uh... eat a blade of grass." you say. Bryan grins. "Puh-lease, that's kid stuff!" he says reaching over to the grass and removing a blade of grass. He put it in his mouth without hesitation. "Tastes like spinach." Bryan says. "Bryan, you have no idea where that grass has been..." Anthony says. Bryan just shrugs. "I'm next." he says. "Anthony, truth or dare?" "Truth." Anthony replies.
  11. "What's the best or worst lie you've ever told?" Bryan asks. "I don't know, I'm not much of a liar." Anthony says. "I guess it was in fifth grade when I told my teacher that I couldn't do my homework because aliens kidnapped me. Guess who got detention for lying that day?" "Oh, I remember that," Allissa says smiling. "I remember that too." you say. "The teacher obviously has no appriciation for your imagination, Anthony." you say. "That was pretty cute, you know." Allissa says. Anthony's cheeks turned a teeny bit red. "Your turn, Allissa." Bryan says. "Alright!" Allissa says grinning like she's been planning this for a while. "_____, truth or dare?" she asks you.
  12. "I'll pick...dare." you say. You regret it as the words leave your mouth, but it's too late to turn back now. Allissa raises an eyebrow, looking amused that you chose to take on the challenge that she was about to give you. "_____, I dare you to kiss Bryan." Allissa says. You were half-expecting her to say that, and all of a sudden, you were feeling pretty brave. Bryan had a small smile, that's all the reassurance you needed. You went ahead and kissed Bryan softly on the lips. He kissed back harder, probably just to show off, but you didn't mind. You pulled away after about 10 seconds. Anthony and Allissa are both smiling and they look surprised. Bryan just looks happy. "Wow, I didn't think you'd actually do it! I'm proud of you!" you hear Allissa's voice say in your head. "I win." you tell Allissa telepathically. You didn't admit it, but that was an awesome kiss.
  13. Holy firetruck, for the first time in history, I almost posted this without adding a CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!! Thank God I previewed this first! So who do you like?

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