Delicate Love part 2

Woo hoo! Woot woot! Woof woof! What am I jibber-jabbin' about, you ask? I can answer your question here and now: this is part two of my original series, Delicate Love.

It is recommended that before you take this quiz you take part 1, which can be accesed from my gotoquiz. Com profile. Thanks for taking my quiz, I hope you enjoy!

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  1. This is part two!
  2. This is a series about a fairy princess and a poor elf.
  3. When we last left our lovebirds(or should I say lovefairy and loveelf), they were dancing at Princess Lilys party. Rus smiles at Princess Lily. "This was amazing!"gushes Lily. "I know..." breathes Rus. They laugh awkwardly and then eat the scrumptious luncheon together.
  4. But it was soon six o'clock, the party was over. Rus promised to visit Lily again, and said that he wished that inbetween visits they could exchange letters, but writing supplies were a luxury for his poor family. Lily had Estelle give Rus many many stationary sets. Lily and Rus squeezed hands then Rus left.
  5. That evening as Rus' family ate their supper of bread and water, Rus told his family of the glorious castle and of Lily's gown. Carlie and Alisha sighed, wishing they had gowns like Lily instead of drab brown sackcloth frocks. Ole Mama even looked a bit envious for a moment, probably wishing for a castle.
  6. At the three-hour dinner at the palace, Lily barely ate except for her dessert. Her thoughts were on Rus.
  7. That night as Rus lay in his cot that he shared with Joshua, he doodled on some of the royal stationary from Lily. He decided to mail it in the morning. For now, he was going to sleep while he could...
  8. Lily fell asleep peacefully in her large silksheeted bed and wanted to see Rus again before she went to sleep...
  9. The next day went by quickly for both of them. They both mailed notes, pictures, drawings, letters and poems all week. Soon it was Saturday, and Lily was vacationing in Jewel Park. She invited Rus' family to come with her!
  10. THE END.
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