Delicate Love Part 1

This is part of a new series by thisismyquiz. (me!) This series is about a fairy princess named Lily and a worker elf named Rus.(a smaller kind of elf who doesn't work for Santa).

It also includes information about their families/lifestyle. But mostly my series is a romance, about a princess and a prince-at-heart in love. I hope you enjoy!

Created by: thisismyquiz
  1. Welcome to my series entitled Delicate Love! It is about fairies and elves.
  2. Fairy Princess Lily is sitting at the waters edge at dawn, sighing as she gazes at her perfect reflection. "Perfection alone is as good as no perfection," she murmurs, thinking of the one she loved, an elf named Rus.
  3. Meanwhile, worker elf Rus is gathering firewood for his poor familys day. His thoughts floated dreamily to Princess Lily...
  4. Lily gets up and gathers some roses. Her maidservant Estelle calls softly, "Princess Lily, come here". Lily, who liked Estelle dropped the roses and tiptoed to the castle's backdoorway. "Dear Lily, today is your party, don't forget! And I am to mail these invitations to your three possible nobleman suitors! To whom shall I send them?" Estelle asks , pen in hand. "Duke Dill, Prince KiNik and Rus," Lily replied. Estelle obeyed and wrote the invitations out.
  5. Rus is surprised to see Miss Estelle DeWing, Princess Lily's private maid hand him an invitation to the royal party later. He bows and smiles gratefully as Estelle flounces off. Rus rips open the invitation and is delighted but mortified that he has nothing to wear...
  6. Lily is so pleased that Rus will be atteding that she runs around the garden like a little girl even though she is almost sixteen.
  7. Rus meanwhile is placing the firewood in the fireplace and the cookstove. His Mother, who the family calls Ole Mama, smiles to see his joy this morning. She makes the tea -which is just hot water and a bit of spice- and fries some barley cakes. Rus' whole family eats heartily. Then all the girls(Alisha who is 16, Carlie who is 11 and Gertie who is 5)start therir weaving work and Rus, his father, and his 10-year-old brother Joshua all go into the fields to hoe.
  8. Back at the palace, Lily, Queen Viviana, King Darren and 6-year-old twins Prince Timothy and Princess Tori all eat a large breakfeast, and then Lily and Tori go with Estelle to see their gowns. Both girls are delighted. Lily's is a lavendar gown with a hoopskirt and rows and rows of lace and a lace collar. Tori has a silver frock decorated with white embroidery. Both girls have matching slippers.
  9. At noon, Rus takes a break with his family for lunch. Carlie and Alisha have prepared small loaves of bread and more barley cakes and water.
  10. Lily eats lunch with Estelle and Tori. Then they go downstairs for dancing lessons with Madane Lorn that take up an hour. Then the guest arrives.
  11. Rus arrives first at the party. Lily is ecstatic and forgets about the rest of the party while she is with Rus.
  12. THE END.

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