A Hogwarts Story Part#4

It's the end of winter break, and Tanya has an unfortunate encounter with Fairy's, yes, Fairy's. But worse of all, she starts to think, that maybe she is a true Slytherin.

This is a Hogwarts series by me, Emily. Please do not copyright. This is all my idea, the story line part. However, the world of Hogwarts & Albus Potter, & all the teachers, are by J.K. Rowling. Hope you enjoy this series. I work really hard on them.

Created by: EmGirl

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  1. When Albus returned to Hogwarts, Tanya pelted him with thank yous, until Albus said, "OK, it's no problem. Why not you show me ridding your new broom?" "OK," Tanya replied, and she mounted her broom and sped off. When suddenly, her broom started acting funny. It did loop the loops, and swiveled out of control. "Help, I'm not doing this!" Tanya screamed as she passed Albus. Her broom sped her towards the Forbidden Forest. Since Tanya had arrived at Hogwarts, she had been told the Forbidden Forest was off limits. When she was well above the center of the forest, her broom plunged her down, as she screamed, "Albus, HELP ME!!!"
  2. When Tanya awoke, she found herself laying on thee ground of the Forbidden Forest. Oh, why did her broom have to malfunction? Wait, it must have been Cato! Hadn't he said they were in a war? She sat up and looked around for her broom. It was laying on the stump of a tree a few feet away from her. Tanya got up to retrieve her broom, when it got up, and sped away. Tanya gave chase, with out giving thought to where it was going, or more importantly, where it was taking her. She wound up in a slightly lighter part of the forest, and she was standing in front of an archway, made completely of ivy, and was attached to a very long wall, that spread as far as the eye could see, on both sides.
  3. Tanya stepped up to the archway, and saw her broom on the other side of it. She slowly reached a foot out, and stepped through the archway. What she saw was no different than a normal woods, it seemed. But, there were many flying lights, in an array of colors. Tanya walked up close to a blue one sitting on her broom, but before she could get a good look, it flew away. She felt unsafe here, more than outside the archway. Tanya grabbed her broom and turned around to find that the archway was gone, replaced by an ivy wall.
  4. Slowly turning back around, she found that the lights were coming closer to her. One purple one flew up and touched her hair, then more and more came up to her, inspecting her, it seemed. Tanya shook them all off in frustration. She had to get out. She mounted her broom and tried to fly, but it did not work. She heard tiny tinkling bells, were the lights, LAUGHING at her? She turned and found a door now set in the ivy wall. Tanya went, opened it, and exited the terrible place.
  5. But before she left, a yellow light flew up, and blasted her with a shower of sparks. Tanya batted it away, and closed the door. She appeared in Professor McGonagall's office, where Albus was talking frantically. "Tanya?" Professor McGonagall asked, when her eyes fell on her. "Tanya!" Albus said, rushing towards her, "What happened?" he asked. Tanya recalled all that had happened in the past few minutes, and Professor McGonagall looked slightly worried. "Well it seems that you're alright," she said, "So off to your Common Room now, please, I'd like to be alone, to think." Tanya exited with Albus, who was staring at her worried too. "I'm fine, OK?" Tanya said. "Really." But inside, she really didn't feel safe.
  6. The next day at DADA, Professor Chan was teaching about Fairy's. "Now, I know they sound like mythical creatures, but they are dangerous in a way," Professor Chan said, "They can bewitch you in a way even more powerful than the greatest wizard alive! Now, they're said to make favorites. Some they kill, some they have fun with, and because there are only female Fairy's, they like to change humans into Fairy's sometimes, though it's very rare. Now, how do you stop a Fairy?" and the class went something like that. As Tanya left the class with Melody, Melody said, "Well I Haven't heard such rubbish in my life! Fairy's, ha! Next they'll be telling us that if you want to fly with out a broom, all you need is fairy dust and happy thoughts!"
  7. Next at Flying Class, we did a bit more hovering practice. When Madame Hooch blew her whistle, Tanya hovered from the ground. Everyone stared at her. "What?" she asked, When she realized her broom was still on the ground. "Oh My God!" Tanya screamed, "What is happening?! How can I FLY with out a broom?" "Stay calm," Madame Hooch said, "Can you land?" Tanya tried relaxing, and fell to the ground in a heap. Madame Hooch ran over to Tanya and helped her up. "Everyone wait here as I take Tanya to McGonagall, and DON'T try anything."
  8. The whole mess was to much for Tanya, apparently she was cursed by a Fairy, and flying with out a broom would be only the beginning. Luckily, the Potions Master, Professor Peach, had brewed a cure. But the cure was making her awfully sleepy...
  9. When Tanya awoke (How many times would she have to awake in a strange predicament, I mean, really, this was getting out of hand) she was laying in her bed. Hopefully this whole thing was over. Tanya marched into the Common Room and found Cato sitting on a chair talking to his friends. Tanya marched down, took at her wand, and pointed it at Cato's throat. "I know you bewitched my broom to land in the Forbidden Forest," she said. "Well aren't you the smart one," Cato answered coolly. "You could have killed me!" Tanya yelled, "Luckily, what happened to me was fixed, or else, I'd haunt you till you went mad!" Cato laughed, "It was only a little joke," he said. "Little!?" Tanya screamed, "Let me repeat myself. I COULD HAVE DIED! Why I ought to kill you right now." "And look here," Cato said, "The girl who said she wasn't Slytherin, the girl who now wants to kill me, the girl who thinks she's nice, but is acting meaner each day..." Cato let what he said hang in the air.
  10. Tanya lowered her wand. "Yes," Cato said, "My work here is done. Because, you think you belong in another house, everyone does, but, you have danger in you, danger that could be as bad a Voldemort's." Tanya looked away and muttered, "I'm not like, like Vol-, You-Know-Who, I told you, I really don't belong..." "Oh Tanya," Cato chuckled, "I really think you do," and he turned away. Tanya was worried. Was she really, supposed to be here? Was she really, a true, Slytherin?

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