A Hogwarts Story Part#1

Tanya Blake is going to Hogwarts. This is her first year, and she hopes to make friends. One of her first friends she makes, is Albus Potter, son of Harry Potter! But then, a terrible thing happens.

This is a Hogwarts series by me, Emily. Please do not copyright. This is all my idea, the story line part. However, the world of Hogwarts & Albus Potter, & all the teachers, are by J.K. Rowling. Hope you enjoy this series. I work really hard on them.

Created by: EmGirl

  1. Tanya was super exited to arrive at Hogwarts. It was her first year, and the train ride was seeming to take forever. Plus, nobody wanted to sit with her, and it was kinda lonely. Tanya stared out the window, not sure if she would succeed or not in Hogwarts. Suddenly, a boy with black hair and blue eyes opened the door to the area she was sitting in, and stepped inside, "Can I sit here?" he asked. "Sure," Tanya replied, glad for the company. The boy put his stuff on the overhead racks and sat down opposite of Tanya. "Hi," Tanya said, "I'm Tanya, Tanya Blake. Whats your name?" The boy looked up at Tanya. "I'm Albus Potter, nice to meet you too."
  2. "Wait, you're Harry Potter's son?" Tanya asked. "Yeah," Albus replied, "I suppose you're going to call all of your friends here now, aren't you?" "No," Tanya said, "I just think it's cool. Don't worry, I'm not like most girls. Plus, I don't have any friends." "Oh, sorry," Albus replied. "No, it's OK, I get that a lot. Let's just change the subject." There was an moment of silence. "So..." Albus said, breaking the silence, "Have you known you were a witch all your life?"
  3. "No," Tanya said, "My parents are Muggles. But I had my suspicions when I made the head of the cheer-leading team vanish when she was bullying me. A few weeks later, they found her in Antarctica." Albus laughed, Tanya smiled too. It was a funny memory. "That's crazy!" Albus said. "I know," Tanya replied. "Sweats! Sweats for sale!" came the voice of the trolley lady. Albus went and bought a box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans.He went back inside and offered one to Tanya.
  4. "Well, I'm not sure," Tanya said. "I dare you," Albus replied, "To amuse ourselves, we can see who gets the best flavors for the longest." "OK, you start though," Tanya said. Albus took a bright green bean out, and ate it. "Apple," he said. Tanya put a hand out, and picked out a yellow bean. She couldn't think of anything yellow that was gross. She ate it, and tasted a wonderfully sweet banana. "Banana," she said. So on it went, till Albus tasted an ear wax flavor, and coughed it up into the box, and the contest ended.
  5. When the train arrived at Hogwarts, it was dark. Tanya and Albus got there stuff out, and exited the train. A big man stood towards the front of the train, holding a lantern. "This way, kids." he said, leading them to a bunch of boats in the water. Tanya followed Albus into a boat, and sat by him. Then, the boats began to move by them selves. Tanya was thrilled! Then, she saw Hogwarts. It was the most wonderful thing she had ever seen in her life! Albus and Tanya shared a look, a look that said, I can't wait!
  6. Then, they were in the hall. Candles floated above them, and the room was filled with a wonderful golden glow! Along the four table, students of all ages sat and watched the new arrivals. The Sorting Hat was prepared, and children began to be called up. Then, Professor McGonagall read, "Potter, Albus." The room was silent, after all, Albus was a Potter. The hat thought for a moment. Then, it yelled out, "Gryffindor!" As Albus went to join the Gryffindor table, he looked at Tanya as he passed her, and she gave him a thumbs-up, which he replied with a smile. Then, Tanya heard her name. "Blake, Tanya."
  7. She stepped up the steps, aware that every eye was on her. Tanya brushed back her black hair, and sat down on the stool. She felt Professor McGonagall place the hat on her head. "Hmmm," it said aloud, "You're though. Lets go with, Slytherin!"
  8. Tanya felt her heart drop to the ground. She had been put into SLYTHERIN, the very place Voldemort had been put. How could this be? Tanya walked slowly over to the Slytherin table, and she heard the jeers and applauds as she sat down, but she was not glad. These people were MONSTERS!Tanya felt as if the world had ended.
  9. The feast went by, but Tanya payed no attention. As they were exiting the hall, she saw Albus. Running over to him, she said, "What am I to do? I've been put into Slytherin!" Albus replied, "Let me tell you something, my father named me after two great men he knew, one of them was a Slytherin." "You!" barked the Slytherin who was leading the others to the Slytherin Common Rooms, "Get back here!" Tanya glanced one last time at Albus, and went back to join her group.
  10. Tanya was still torn, even after what Albus said. Tanya didn't belong here. She may look like a dark person. People at her Muggle school always said that, her black hair, pale skin, blue eyes, some what kept-to-herself nature. But Tanya was NICE. How would she ever survive seven years in Slytherin? She would barely see Albus, her only friend, and at this rate, she wouldn't be getting more.

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