Hogwarts Love Story pt 7

Okay, so this is my last part for year three. Hopefully I'll get another part up this week but I'm not making any promises! Please comment and and rate!

Any suggestions are much appreciated. Oh, damm, shout outs! As always, natuhleegayle, 5thmarauder for inspiring me, Aria for being awesome and Hogwarts Love for her support but also a user of Wattpad who most probably won't read this. She wrote the story In Ruins and it's sequel, chech it out! It's fantastic! Lastly to you, you who is reading this and will read unil the end.

Created by: vulturemonem
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  1. "miss Granger! Sit down now! And get mr Weasley over there! Oh, put him here Severus!" You awoke to the cries of a frustrated, worried Madame Pomfrey. You kept your eyes closed as You heard her tutting over one of your friends. "God lord what happened to them Albus?" you heard Madame Pomfrey exclaim. "Black attacked us, if it weren't for myself Potter and his friends would surely be dead," you head Snape say. Hermione shouted, "you did no such thing, Black is the wrong man, Proffessor Dumbledore you must believe us!" Dumbledore turned his attention to her, "miss Granger I do, but the word of yourselves will convince few others. Enough said Severus, I think we should leave Madame Pomfrey to attend to her patients," Dumbledore said. You heard the swish of Snape's cape and the oak doors close. "Miss Rivers you can stop pretending to be asleep now," Madame Pomfrey said in a sharp voice.
  2. You let your eyes open thankfully. You gasped at the scene around you. Ron was half unconscious with his leg strapped up, Hermione had a bandage on her left hand and Harry was unconscious in a bed. "____!" Hermione shrieked. "Sirius Black is Harry's godfather, Lupin IS a werewolf, not bad though and they're all good!" she began. Then she hiccuped and told you all that had happened more slowly. "And nw Dumbledore wants us to go back and save Sirius!" she cried. You opened your mouth to comfort her but a grunt from behind you stopped you. You spun round and saw Harry's eyelids flutter open. He jumped up, "Sirius!" Hermione hugged him tightly. "Calm down Harry, we're going to save Sirius, " she whispered. "No, " you said. Everyone looked at your hip. You shrugged, "It's nearly better, besides, I need to do something, I can't just sit here." Hermione snapped a gold locket off her neck. "This s a time turner, it's how I've been going to two lessons at once. McGonnagle gave it to me first term, turn it three times, then save him." she put it around your neck and wished you luck. "Wait! You cannot be seen, by anyone. That's essential," Hermione said. You nodded and linked around Harry. You turned the dial thrice and watched everything go backwards.
  3. Finally everything stopped. You saw yourself asleep and held a finger to your lips. Harry nodded. "Where we're you at seven thirty?" you asked in a whisper. "M, going to Hagrids?" you took his hand and dragged him out. You saw Malfoy and his posse. you looked around and saw Harry, Ron and Hermione walking down a fair way off. You stalked up to Malfoy, "You foul, loathsome and evil little cockroach!" you screamed pointing his wand inbetween his eyes. You slowly lowered your wand and he laughed. Anger from the past three years boiled up inside you. You punched his nose and he ran of yelling insults to nobody in particular. "Nice punch!" Harry called.
  4. You smiled and hurried down the hill. "We can save Buckbeak," you whispered. Harry nodded and wen to untether him as you waited. But he wasn't in any hurry. You picked up some ferrets and held them at arms length due to the overpowering stench of rotten meat. Buckbeak trotted after you just as Cornelius Fudge and th executioner came out. You were just in time as the past golden trio hid where you had stood seconds before. You ran further into the woods with Harry and Buckbeak. Harry halted and lead you to the edge of the forest where you could see the nights events unfold. You sat down as Harry fed Buckbeak ferrets. As a swarm of flys passed Buckbeak had great fun trying to catch them. "At least somebody's having a good time," Harry murmured. You nodded watching the beautiful bird and then rested your head on Harry's shoulder. He put his arm around your shoulders and drew you closer. His arm felt warm through your jumper and you leant closer.
  5. "time to go," Harry said. You both jumped up and lead Buckbeak to a slight clearing. You arrived jus in time to see Proffessor Lupin in his werewolf form chasing Harry. You howled like a female wolf. He stopped and turned, snarling at you. "Run!" Harry yelled. "Sorry, not my smartest move," you panted. "Not. I'd be dead if you hadn't." you ran behind a large oak tree to try and avoid Proffessor Lupin. You looked to your right and inched to the left. You heard a twig snap and a snarl. Lupin stood on his hind legs and barred his teeth in your face. Buckbeak also reared up and flapped him away.
  6. The two of you ran down to the lake. You saw Harry and Sirius lying on the ground dying. Harry ran forward and you screamed. He yelled, "EXPECTO PATRONUM!!!" white light shot out of his wand in throbbing waves, dementors flew back and Harry lowered his wand. He took a few paces towards you and then fell to his knees. You gripped his shoulder, "Harry, Harry! We're not finished, we need to rescue Sirius! Come in Harry, Harry." you sighed and slapped him. He gasped and stood up. You helped him onto Buckbeak and you held onto his waist. Harry directed Buckbeak to the astronomy tower. You leapt off and sprinted to where you knew Sirius to be. "Babarda!" you yelled. The lock broke and the door swung open. You untied Sirius and between yo got him onto Buckbeak. You climed on and Harry behind you. Harry let the air run through his fingers until Buckbeak turned and he grabbed your waist. The three of you laughed.
  7. You landed and Sirius took you both to a bench. "I owe you both my life. I'll never forget this, thank you," he said smiling. "I want to come with you," Harry said. "one day perhaps, but for some time my life will be too unpredictable. Besides, your meant to be here," he said casting a significant glance at you. Harr nodded. "You really are the brightest witch of your age," Sirius said. "Harry, perhaps this will suffice for Hogsmead. If given to Dumbledore anyway," he said mischievously. "Goodbye Sirius," you said. Harry hugged Sirius before he climbed onto Buckbeak. "Come on, we have less than a minute!" you said urgently. The two of you ran as fast as you could back to the hospital wing. You grinned as you saw Ron awake. You gave him a friendly hug. As you stepped away you were engulfed by Hermione. You handed her time turner back to her but she let it drop. "Keep it, I'm dropping muggle studies, with that and no divination I can have a normal timetable again." you picked it up and tucked it in your pocket.
  8. As you were deemed fit to play in the match if you wished, the following Tuesday, you walked out onto the quidditch pitch to play Slytherin. You mounted your broom and flew up. The only word Oliver had said to you all was win. No tac-tics, no fancy drill, just win. So you decided you would. You flew up and snatched the quaffel first, dodging brilliantly and scoring in the first thirty seconds. There was an eruption from the Griffendor stands and much from the other houses save Slytherin. The quaffel wad thrown to the dirty Slytherin captain but intercepted neatly by Ginny. She flew down the pitch and scored. The Slytherin captain caught the quaffel but had to drop it in order to avoid being hit by a budger. Angelina caught it and cored. Slytherin scored one to your four and Ginny's two. Oliver made a spectacular save and then you heard the whistle. Harry held the snitch aloft. Griffendor had won!
  9. You and the rest of the team were engulfed by Griffendors and cheered by Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. You and Ginny headed back to the common room to celebrate in style. A party. Draco came up to you scowling without his posse. "congratulations, you, ____, just scored the quickest goal in a Hogwarts quidditch match. You just beat the famous Alicia Spencer. You did it in seven seconds." you stared at him. Seven seconds! Then he started chanting 'Griffendor sucks'. You and Ginny pulled your wand out. "okay okay! I don't really mean it," he said uneasily. You and Ginny exchanged amazed glances but carried on on your way. You snatched a glass of butterbeer and headed to the courtyard with everyone else. Fred and George set off a spectacular display of fireworks and ended it with a giant sparkler that made the words 'Griffendor Rules!'. It hovered in the air for a moment before disappearing into the night. Fred and George flew down to you. "Great play ___," they said in unison. George looked at you curiously and looked like he was going to say something further, but decided not to. You sighed and returned to the party.
  10. The noise in the Great Hall on the last day was excruciating. "Harry, Ron, did I tell you I'm having a normal timetable next year?" Hermione asked suddenly. Harry nodded, his mouth full of food but Ron looked surprised. "____ told me," Harry said grinning at Ron. "Well Ron, if I drop Muggle Studies and divination which is pathetic then I have a nice normal life again. I won't be so tired from working until midnight either!" she said brightly, more brightly than she had been the entire year. Proffessor Dumbledore called, his voice engine out over the students chatter. "Your attention please! Straight to the point, the dementors will be removed from Hogwarts, owing as Sirius Black has escaped their grasp," here his eyes lingered on you and Harry. Then he continued, "Also, as some of you may already know, Proffessor Lupin has resigned, though the reason I shall keep secret at his request. I am aware some that he has told certain students but please respect his wish. Now, the house cup. In fourth place, Hufflepuff, with 1289 points, third place, Ravenclaw, with 1336 points, in second place, Slytherin with 1497 points. Which leave Griffendor with 1673 points! Well done Griffendor!" A cheer erupted from the Griffendor table and much booing from the Slytherins. But that didn't sto you all dancing around like first years.
  11. The last day of the year dawned bright and sunny. You awoke to Hermione shaking you awake. "___! Have you remembered you're staying with us for the summer?" You grinned and nodded. Ginny as already packing. "You never did get to see Katie Bell ___," Ginny said. "No but she's coming to the world cup with Oliver so I'll see her then. Oliver arranged it for us, he's a darling," you replied happily. "He's like your older brother," Hermione scoffed. You all laughed as you lugged your things down to the train. You had sent your owl, Sepia, to your parents with a letter explaining your arrangements. They were in Australia so they wouldn't mind. You suddenly saw Draco coming your way. "You go on, I'll be fine," you said to your friends. After exchanging nervous glances they left. "Don't you worry Rivers, you made a fool of me this year and refused me. You won next year, trust me," Draco whispered. He kissed your neck and then left smirking. As you walked up to your friends you tried to act as though nothing had happened. Hermione noticed but you'd talk it I've some other day. You, the twins, Hermione and Ginny sat down in an empty carriage. You were soon joined by Ron and Neville. Harry walked in and you stood up, suddenly unsure why. He understood and patted the seat next to him. He kissed you softly and then you all played exploding snap. Finally the crimson red train drew into Kings Cross Station. You found your luggage and climbed down, hugging each friend in turn. You left Harry until last, wanting to keep him safe from his excuse of a family for as long as possible. He hugged you firmly, planting a quick kiss on your lips before turning to go. You sighed as you followed Hermione back to her parents, you would see everyone soon, maybe for a less eventful year!
  12. Thank you for reading my first year. It felt really good to finish it. Don't worry Oliver fans, Oliver will make an appearence at the start of next year but that was the last time he will be a result, probably. Next year he will be replaced by Cedric Diggory and possibly my male character contest winner but I'll have to review the descriptions. I decided there needed to be sme sort of love from the twins so I put in those few sentences about them in question 11. Well, please comment and thanks! I really need a catch phrase...

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