A Hogwarts Love Story part 3

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Ok so as you probably all know this is my 3rd Hogwarts love story and i'm happy to say its improving every time! Please comment and rate and tell me what i should give as a hint!

Ok so hopefully you remeber what happened last in episode 2.... IF Not please go back and check the last question so you wont be all confused :D Other then that bye!

Created by: Mirimichelle
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  1. On your next Hogsmede trip it was pouring down snow. The air was crisp and wisp's of white were surrownding you. No one else was heading towards Hogsmede at the time (You slept in for hours) so it was quiet and beautiful. You see all types of flowers crystalized with ice. You gently plucked a white rose and carresed it's soft leaves. You gave it a sniff. It smelt like fresh summer air. You smiled until you heard a noise behind you. You jumped and turned around. No one was there. "H-hello?" you asked afraid. A shiver ran up your spine and then you heard some one scream "BOO!" said a loud noise. Harry came out from behind the invisability cloak and he noticed you fell to the ground and were shielding your face with your wand. "BLOODY HELL HARRY! You almost gave me a heart attack!" you rambled on and on about how much he scared you. "Well the look of fright on your face cheered me up!" he said with a smile then remembering what was making him sad his face whent back to a deep frown. "You ok?" you ask feeling quite worried. "You know how Sirus Black is on the loose?" he asked quitely. "Harry you know he cant hurt you! For Merlin's sake Dumbldore is here to protect you!" you say with a half smile showing your one tiny dimple. "No no not that. It's just....." Harry had a look of firey fury in his eyes. "He betrayed my parents! HE WAS THERE FRIEND!" he shouted. "Harry t-thats terrible you say. "But that doesn't explain why you were under the invisibility cloak you say remembering how he had just scared you to death. "Proffeser Magonall want let me out. My aunt and unlce didnt sign my permission slip." he said with a frown. "I better go." he says then he dispears.
  2. As it gets quiet again you enjoy the beautiful white flakes of snow that sticks to your hair and eyelashes. Once you get to Hogsmeade you go to Honeydukes and get every flavor beans. You grimmace as you eat a spoiled pumkin juice one. You laugh and turn around to see..
  3. You turn around to see the twins. "HI ___!" they say finishing each others sentances. "Hi guys!" you say with a smile. "Every flavored beans huh?" said Fred with a smile. "Indeed Fred!" says George. You eat another bean. "EWWWWWW!" you say while giggling. "What flavor?" they ask at the same time. "I have no idea the only thing i know is that it tastes like death." you say and you all start chuckling. "Does death even have a flovor?" asks George. "I dont know but if there is this is what it would taste like." you said. You and the twins chat for a while until and awkward question pops up. "So how was your date with Oliver?" Says George with an evil smile. "You would've known you were watching the whole thing!" you said and give them a evil glare. They laugh at your attempt to scare them and then you end up laughing to.
  4. Later on as you head back to Hogwarts you can hear some one talking behind you. "Josh shut up!" said a familiar voice in a hushed whisper. Some on chuckled. "And you too Blaze!" the familiar voice says in a whispering shout. You hear a voice you've never heard before say "You know when you leave she is up for grabs?" "Ya and all the boys will get to drool all over her." said another unfimiliar voice. "Shut up and talk more quitely!" whispered the familiar voice. You couldn't help at giggling. You made a U turn and faced the three boys. "You know you all suck at whispering?" you ask as you laugh. Two of the boys are unfamiliar. The first one head jet black hair and silver eyes and the second had Blonde hair and green eyes. Standing next to them was Oliver. "Oh umm hi ___!" Oliver said blushing. "OH so you the ____ Oliver wont shut up about!" said the boy with jet black hair. You and Oliver both blush. "Shut it Blaze." he mummbled as he elbowed the boy next to him. "Anyways. You two should leave now." he said frantically fluttering away Josh and Blaze. "By ___!" exclaimed the blonde boy as Blaze punched him in the shoulder and the walked away quickly. "What was that all about?" you say happily and give out a laugh. "Sorry bout them. There just a couple of weirdos." Oliver says smiling at you back.
  5. You and Oliver talk for a little while until his eyes go cold. "I'm going to miss you!" he finally said and then grabbing you into a warm hug. You giggle. "Where are you going?" you asked still in his arms. "Well i'm graduating. But i'll never truly leave you." he said. You smile. "I know that." you say as he picks you up with his muscular body and spins you around. Once he sets you on the ground you stand on your tippy toes so your face level. He smiles and you can smell his peppermint breath next to your face. He leans in to kiss you. You feel the cold winter air gone when his lips meet yours. You hold on to his neck for pressure. You do this for about 5 minutes before you pull apart. "See you soon." he says winking one of his chocolate brown eyes. He kisses you on the forhead and leaves.
  6. "Well well wasnt that sweet?" says an icy cold voice. You turn around to face Ron. You from and you crease your eyebrow. He tries to touch your face put you swat at his hand. "What do you even want?" you say sadly. "I wanted to say that you dating a boy 4 years older then you is sick!" he shouts. You look at him with rage in your eyes. "Why are you even doing this?" you ask suprised your crying. He cringes and says "Well um well..... I love you ___."
  7. Sorry guys i had to end it here because.... Well u just wanted you to be super exited for part 4 thats coming up in about and hour or so!
  8. Any ways :D RATE???
  9. COMMENT? :D
  10. OK thanks so i have no idea what hint you guys want to know about so comment on hints and i'll give some. For example: OMG I LOVE JOSH WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN OUR FUTURE? And maybe your hint will be chosen!!

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