Mystery at Hogwarts

Have you ever felt like going on an adventure inside Hogwarts? I certainly have! I love making up adventures that involve myself and my friends attending Hogwarts!

I have decided that now is the time to share some of those adventures with you! This series will be a form of love story, as well as an adventure. I really hope that you enjoy it, and have fun!

Created by: Jessica Lestrange
  1. The first two years have passed already, so you're just about to start year three.
  2. Basically, your name is Jessica Lestrange, you have emerald green eyes, dark brown hair and very pale skin. Your mother is Bellatrix Lestrange, and she is not in Azkaban.
  3. Now that all that's out of the way, let's begin!
  4. You said goodbye to your parents, and hurried through the barrier. You were used to all of this by now, so the large crowd of witches and Wizards that suddenly appeared in front of you came as no surprise. The magnificent scarlet train that was of course, the Hogwarts Express, was steaming loudly in front of you. " I'd better get a move on, it leaves in five minutes!" You whispered quietly to yourself as more and more young witches and wizards boarded the train. You had to push through the chaotic crowd ( which caused a lot of angry glares to shoot in your direction! ) Finally, you reached the train, and heave your bag and owl cage inside. By the way, you have an owl called Midnight who has green eyes and his feathers are as dark as the night sky. ( That's why you called him Midnight!)
  5. Most of the compartments looked full. "Great. What weirdo will I have to sit with now?" After searching almost the whole train, one particular compartment caught your eye. Inside it were three boys in your year. One with blonde hair, greyish blue eyes and pale skin. "Hey Draco! Crabbe! Goyle! Do you mind if I sit with you?" "Of course, you can sit next to me." Draco gestured to the emptey space beside him. Crabbe helped you lift your heavey bag onto the luggage rack, and Goyle placed Midnight and her cage onto the rack.
  6. Let me clear up some confusion. You are in Slytherin, and are good friends with Draco, Crabbe and Goyle. "So how was your summer Jessica?" "Not too bad, mother and I have been busy, with Sirius Black on the loose. How about you Draco?" "Alright, father has been rather demanding." You four talked for a while (Ok, so it was mainly just you and Draco who did the talking!) when suddenly, the train jolted, then stopped. The lights went out; and the entire train was plunged into total darkness...
  7. All around the train, people were screaming their heads off! "What on Earth is going on?" You exclaimed loudly. You paused, Draco was whimpering next to you "Draco? Are you alright? I'm sure everything is fine!" But before you could say anything else, a horrifying feeling spread through your body. It felt as if all the happieness had been drained from your bones, you felt like you were freezing to death...
  8. A mysterious cloaked figure was gliding slowly into view. You heard a terrified yelp of horror next to you, and without warning, Draco flung his arms around you! He was shivering with complete fear! "Draco! What are you doing? We will be fine! I'm not going to let that horrifying creature touch any of us!" The compartment door misted over, then froze. It started to open tentativly, a frostey, dead looking, icy scabbed hand was curled loosly around the frozen handle. The frighteningly erie creature was now facing you directly, it's grotesqe fingures clasped tightly around the dark, silk like hood...
  9. Draco was shaking even more violently, The creature's hood was just about to fall off, revealing the creatures hidden features. Suddenly, a blinding white light blurred your vision. You couldn't see a thing!
  10. Within seconds, the light faded away, and your vision returned to you. The creature had somehow vanished! "Is everyone alright?" A man wearing rather tattered clothes was now standing just outside the compartment door. He also looked like he was ill , and extremely tired. "Yeah, we're alright, thanks." You answered, looking awkwardly at Draco. He still had his arms around you, and his head was actually berried in your chest! The man smiled, but you didn't really notice. Draco opened his eyes, lifted his head up, and noticed the man in front of you. He hastily took his arms away, and stared at the floor, his whole face had turned a bright shade of pink! "Good, good. Well, take care of yourselves, we'll be there soon!" And with those words, the man left. The last few minutes of the journey were sort of awkward, as none of you really knew what to say. Having had enough, you finally broke the silence. "At least we're all ok, right?" "Yeah, I guess... Sorry about that Jessica, I just got a bit freaked out..." You smiled warmly at him, and the colour flushed back into his cheeks.
  11. When the train finally stopped, you four quickly departed (You had changed into your robes before you got on the train!) and headed for the carriages. Whilst you were walking, you noticed Draco smirking at you. "This is going to be a long year!" You said quietly to yourself, returning the smirk.
  12. I'm going to end this chapter here, I hope you enjoyed this first edition! The other boys will be appearing in the next chapter, and there will be plenty more awkward moments... Please leave me a comment and rate, so I know if it's worth writing more! Once again, thank you!
  13. Oh, and I completely messed up the results! Neville's and Draco's were alright, but the rest make absolutely no sense at all! The site won't let me change them though! So sorry!

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