Hogwarts Adventure Pt 2

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This quiz tells a story about you and if you are at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Hope you like the quiz, and please enjoy you're adventure!

Created by: GirlByTheOcean

  1. Welcome, to Diagon Alley, Hagrid said. "Woah," you and Harry both said, gazing in bewilderment at the alley in front of you. Well, come on. Hagrid walked ahead and you and Harry hurried to walk beside him. Well, theres Flourish and Blotts. You common wizarding book store. The three of you walked past three kids peering into a window showcasing a polished broom with the words, Nimbus 2000 on it.
  2. But Hagrid, "how will we pay for all this stuff?" Harry asked, looking up at the giant walking beside him. Well Gringotts the wizards bank of course! There aint no safer place, except maybe Hogwarts. Hagrid said. He pointed to the building in front of you. It was made of white marble and had tilted columns at the front. The three of you walked into the bank and walked down the hall to the end desk. There were two massive, crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Desks lined the hall, with these weird creatures righting in books with dark, fanned out quills. They had large, pointed noses and greenish skin. They had pointy ears and a devilish grin. Hagrid, what are these creatures? you asked, looking at one that was sneering at you, revealing sharp teeth. "Theyre goblins, _____. Clever as they come their pretty un-trustworthy creatures, goblins are," Hagrid said quietly, making sure only Harry and you could hear.
  3. The three of you reached the end desk and Hagrid cleared his throat. "Harry Potter and _____ _____ wishes to make a withdrawal." The goblin put his quill back into its stand and leaned over the desk to look at you and Harry. "And does mister Harry Potter and _____ _____ have their key?" "Oh um. Got em ere somewhere." Hagrid began digging around in his pocket for the keys and you leaned closer to Harry and said, "Dj vu." Harry grinned and nodded. "Ah eres the little devils". Hagrid placed two, small keys on the desk. One was golden in color and had an intricate design as the handle. The other one was black and had a carving of feathered wings as the handle. "Oh and, theres somethin else as well", Hagrid said, pulling out a wrinkled letter with the stamp, TOP SECRET on it, "From Professor Dumbledore. Its about, you know what in vault, you know which."
  4. The goblin took the letter and stared at it for a second, then said, "Very well." A goblin showed up beside the desk and said, "Im Griphook. This way to vault 687 and 1069." The little goblin had a squeaky voice and a stiff posture. Griphook led them to an archway leading into a room filled with tracks, and an empty cart sitting in the middle of one of them. They sat down in the cart and Grip hook sat at the front, what you assumed to be the drivers seat. After a couple seconds, the cart took off, carrying them through ravines and next to waterfalls. Once you heard a humongous roar that sounded like it would belong to a dragon. After a couple minutes, the cart stopped at a vault with a black circular door in the front.
  5. Vault 687. "Key please," said the tiny little goblin. Hagrid handed Griphook Harrys key and he opened a smaller door to the left. Inside was a lock, and he inserted the key inside. You heard a loud clicking sound, and then the door opened, revealing stacks of gold coins, bronze coins, and silver coins. "Those silver uns over there are sickles. And those bronze ones are knuts, and the gold ones are galleons. Take as much as you want." Hagrid pulled out a small leather sack with a drawstring and handed it to Harry. Harry started piling up galleons, sickles, and knuts into the bag. You stood by and hoped you would have this much gold in your own vault.
  6. When Harry was done, the four of you got back into the cart. The cart started off again and passed through ravines and waterfalls. Finally, they arrived at another vault. "Vault 1069. Key please." You handed Griphook your key and he opened another latch to the left of the door. The door had a statue of a pair of wings on it, encrusted with silver gemstones at the tips of the feathers. There was a loud clicking sound, and the doors opened to reveal as many galleons, sickles, and knuts as Harry had, if not more. But it wasn't the money that caught your eye, it was three glass casings on the side. Inside it held a full set of bronze-tinted, black armor. Two looked like they were for woman, while the other one was made to fit a man instead.
  7. "Alright, _____, eres your bag." Hagrid handed you your bag, but you stood there, gaping at the armor. "Looks like I would be about 17 before I could fit into this," you muttered. The glass doors were locked, but you had a feeling you knew which key to use. "Griphook, can I have that key?" Griphook handed you the key and you slotted it into the lock. You turned it and tugged on the glass door. It opened and you closed it again. "Just wanted to see if that was the key."
  8. You put the key into your pocket and turned around, opening your bag and scooping some of the coins displayed in front of you. "Got some," you said, holding up your bag and pulling the drawstring tight. "Alright then. Come on, we gotta go to one more place." Hagrid led you and Harry out of the vault and into the cart. You sat down next to Hagrid, placing your bulging bag of coins next to you. Griphook closed the vault door and hopped back onto the cart. The cart took off again and you asked, "Where are we going, Hagrid?" "Cant tell you Audrey. Top secret Hogwarts business." 'That's exactly what I wanted to hear. Great, another mystery to my life,' you thought.
  9. The cart screeched to a stop in front of a creepy looking vault door." Vault 713." Griphook stepped off the cart and the three of you did the same. "Stand back," Griphook said in his squeaky voice. The three of you stepped off to the side and waited for Griphook to open the door. He ran his long, pointed nails along the door and you heard a loud clicking sound. The door opened, but to your surprise, only revealed an empty room with a table and a small, wrapped object sitting on it. Hagrid stepped forward and picked it up, putting it inside his jacket. "Best not to mention this to anybody, alright you two?" You and Harry nodded as Hagrid patted his pocket where the object was.
  10. The four of you hopped back in the cart, and it winded down the track, finally reaching the Gringotts lobby. The four of you hopped of the cart and walked down the hall. Griphook departed, and the three of you walked out of the building, carrying the sack of gold. But you had only one thing on your mind; finding out about the armor in your vault. 'Why my vault?' you thought.
  11. The three of you walked out of the bank and strolled through the many people walking along the shops. The three of you stopped at shops to get a pewter cauldron, crystal phials, and brass scales. "Now we need, a wand," you read aloud to Harry and Hagrid. "A wand? Well there's Olivanders! Right ahead! Ain't no better place for wands," Hagrid said, pointing to a shop in front of you that said, "Olivanders; Makers of fine wands since 382 B.C." You and Harry walked up to the building and entered, ringing a bell whilst opening the door. The shop was quiet and dark, giving of an eerie feel, just the way you liked things sometimes.
  12. Hi! Sorry to end it on a little bit of a cliff hanger, I guess. Ill be making one right after this one, for sure! Bye!

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