Wolf RPG part 1 (Girls only)

5 wolves including you go on a very risky adventure in Yellowstone and even though you have your own pack that you love, you have to create a pack with the other male wolves.

Are you ready to take this adventure? Then take the whole series of quizzes. I will make more only if you rate and comment. Thanks for taking this amazing quiz RPG!

Created by: horse20024

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  1. Choose your fur coat color
  2. Choose your eye color
  3. RPG time! First you were just doing normal stuff when you hear someone coming.
  4. The creature turns the other way. You can only see its shadow. But it looks like another wolf!
  5. You go to see him. But when he sees you he froze.
  6. He unfreezes and says: "Hello, my name is Flame. Whats yours?" You say: "My name is Stone." Then he asks: Where did you come from?
  7. Oh, Flame says. Could you please come with me?
  8. Flame takes you to 3 other male wolves. One brown, one grey, and one blue-grey. First the brown one steps up and says: "Hi! My name is Earth. Nice to meet you." Then the grey one says: "My name is Breeze." And last, the cute blue grey wolf says: "Hello. I am Wave.
  9. Wave says you are the first female wolf in the pack. And hunters are killing the female wolves mostly to keep the population down. So what would you like to do?
  10. Breeze says to go find a cave/den to live in. You head out to find one. But you get caught by hunters. One throws you against a tree and knocks you out. But when you wake up, you only see Flame and breeze laying next to you. They asked if you were ok and they said they like your eyes. You say...
  11. End of part 1! I will make another ONLY if you comment and rate.

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